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Dealing with Low Flow Faucets

Often faucets or shower heads stop functioning the way they used to, only giving off so much water. Most of the time, this is an easy problem to solve.

Calcium and gravel buildup is common, especially if you have hard water. For calcium, you can detach the faucet or shower head and use vinegar to dissolve the lime scale. If there is gravel, you will have to clean the screen.

Pay close attention to how you take the components apart, since you’ll have to put them back together when you’re finished. If you don’t feel confident in doing so, you can always call the expert plumbers at ServiceOne AC.

When Do Air Ducts Need Repair?

The Department of Energy states that near half of American homes are losing 10-30% energy efficiency because their air ducts need to be repaired.

You should look for these signs that your air ducts need repair:

  • Higher utility bills
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Uneven humidity

To prevent these issue, which are often due to improper sealing, always get your ductwork inspected by a professional AC technician.

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