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Frequent Repairs Could Mean It’s Time to Replace Your Old Ac with a Top-Of-The-Line Trane


Service One, one of Orlando’s leading AC and plumbing companies, want homeowners to know that if your AC is starting to have issues or you have to keep fixing it over and over again, it might be time to considering a replacement.

When the decision is made to replace, a Service One technician will meet with the homeowner to provide some recommendations for a new AC system based on the size of your home and your cooling goals.

“In Florida, a reliable air conditioning is a must for summertime comfort; and, a new cooling system is one of the most important home improvements you can make,” said Service One President Billy Gouty. “Homeowners making the investment in a new AC system want and deserve the best solution on the market, so that is why we typically recommend Trane.”

Trane, a company known for systems that are designed to achieve maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort, as well as delivers the efficiency its ratings promise. Service One AC proudly showcases the 20i Hyperion, which is one of Trane’s top end models. The XL20i comes with a multi-stage fan that allows the fan to slow down during mild weather conditions – a slower fan means less energy consumed. The 20i Hyperion is designed for durability and weather resistance. Trane utilizes a trademarked technology known as ChargeAssist which allows the Trane heat pump to maintain the exact amount of refrigerant that is required for good performance. A final advantage of the 20i is the compressor warranty. Most of Trane’s competitors come with a 10-year warranty on the compressor; however Trane stands behind a 12-year warranty.

“Trane’s willingness to extend their compressor warranty to 12 years is quite a statement to their durability,” concludes Gouty.

Service One stays up to date on the latest Trane technology to provide the best possible service. Like any home appliance, it is important to regularly maintain your Trane system, especially in Florida. As an elite dealer, Service One performs superior preventative maintenance and homeowners can have the confidence that Service One can make any needed repairs and get their system running at the highest efficiency and capacity possible.

“We are committed to staying up to date with Trane’s latest technology, ensuring that your system is running at maximum efficiency, reliability and comfort,” said Gouty. “With a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, ServiceOne meets Trane’s stringent standards and demonstrates a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuing education.”

Service One is especially proud to be designated as a Trane Comfort Specialist, which is bestowed by Trane on their most qualified specialists. Trane is a world leader in air conditioning systems, services and solutions. A Trane Comfort Specialist is an independent Trane dealer committed to industry best standards in installation, service, customer satisfaction and employee training.

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