Furnace Repair & Other Services Completed With Excellence

At ServiceOne AC, we have experience and skill working with furnace services and repair. Our team of experts offers furnace installation, repair, and maintenance.

Whether your home has an oil or electric furnace, we are well versed in repairs for:

  • Basic Single-Stage Furnaces
  • Two-Stage Furnaces
  • Two-Stage Variable Speed Furnaces
  • Modulating Furnaces

Basic Single-Stage Furnace

These types of furnace-repair apply a maximum amount of heat to a space and use an alternating current and a single-speed blower.

Benefits of a Basic Single-Stage Furnace:

  • Low Heating Cost
  • Ease of Use

Two-Stage Furnace

This furnace is cost-effective, gives you longer heating cycles, and evenly heats your home, providing absolute comfort. Stage one operates at 60%-70% for colder days, and stage two operates at 30%-40% for mild days.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Furnace:

  • More Control with a Two-Stage Thermostat
  • Even Heating in Your Home
  • Low Energy Costs

Two-Stage Variable Speed Furnace

This type of furnace also operates using two-stage heating, but distributes more heat on colder days and less on mild days.

Benefits of a Two-Stage Variable Speed Furnace:

  • Two-Stage Heating
  • Continuous Circulating Air
  • Direct Current
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Potential Tax Credit or Energy Rebate
  • Low Fuel Consumption

Modulating Furnaces

The modulating furnace uses modulation in the gas valve but also uses a two-stage variable speed. Modulating furnace-repair initially run at one-third of their heating capacity and increase by single-degree increments until they reach total output.

Benefits of Modulating Furnaces:

  • Fuel Saving
  • Low Operation Costs
  • High Comfort Levels

Other Heating Services

For more information on the right furnace to suit your needs, contact ServiceOne AC today at 407-499-8251.