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Service One AC & Heating Provides Advice for Wrapping Your Whole Home in Warmth this Winter

November 27, 2018 5:01 pm Published by

With the greater Central Florida area beginning to experience some winter temperatures, the professionals at Service One, one of Orlando’s leading AC and plumbing companies, offers advice for residents on how to keep their homes warm during the winter months:

  1. Keep the warm air in and the cold air out. Sealing any gaps that create drafts in your home, and making sure you have adequate insulation will go a long way to keeping your whole home comfortably warm this winter. Here are a few easy-to-accomplish tips:
    • Gaps around pipes that go through exterior walls should be sealed with spray foam insulation.
    • Seal gaps around windows and doors. Check for old or cracked caulk around windows and replace it. If you can see daylight under exterior doors, then you’ve probably found a heat leak.
      Replacing the weather stripping around the door can seal the leak.
    • Seal and insulate outlets and switches. To eliminate the flow of air through outlets and switches on interior and exterior walls, remove the plates covering the outlets and switches and apply foam sealers. If there are gaps around outlet boxes you can seal them with spray foam insulation, but do not spray the interior of the box.
    • Have a professional evaluate your home’s insulation and make improvements if the insulation is lacking.
  2. Manage your heat settings. Keep your heating system set at 68 degrees Fahrenheit, as recommended by the Department of Energy, when you are home. In order to save money on utility costs, drop the temperature even lower. Every degree you drop the setting will save you money. If you are away from home for several hours or at work, turn your thermostat down so you aren’t heating an empty house.
  3. Check the heating system’s efficiency. This is especially important if you have an older home or a home with an older central heat and air system. This can mean that you have an inefficient heating system that is costing you extra money to heat your home. Schedule an inspection by a NATE certified professional, like those at Service One, if your heating system struggles to heat your house evenly or if it requires frequent repairs.

“Here in Central Florida, even though we don’t use our heating as much as we use air conditioning, we still need to make sure that our homes are properly sealed and insulated to stay warm during a cold snap,” said Bill Gouty, Service One founder and president. “If you find your home just isn’t staying warm this winter, contact a professional HVAC company that can determine whether your heating system needs to be repaired or replaced.”

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