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Troubleshooting Tips

Air Conditioning Repair – Troubleshooting Tips by ServiceOne

If your air conditioning is not running properly, the ac technicians at ServiceOne, one of Orlando’s leading AC, Heating and Plumbing companies wants you to know that there are several things to check before calling in one of their HVAC experts.

“I always suggest that homeowners first try some DIY troubleshooting steps because it might just be a small issue,” says Service One founder and president, Bill Gouty. “However, if it’s not an easy fix, ServiceOne offers emergency AC repair for customers. Believe me, a broken AC in Florida in the summer, IS an emergency!”

If you experience uneven cooling check the following:

  • Do you have zoned heating? If so, be sure the thermostat setting for that zone is cool or hot, depending on what you want, and that the fan is set to auto.
  • Check the air filters. Are they dirty? If they haven’t been replaced or cleaned in more than a month, clean them ASAP.
  • Check all the supply and return air grilles to make sure they are unblocked, fully opened and blowing air.
  • Check and see if your window treatments are adjusted to let in minimal light.
  • Also, for your information, active electronics in the room are often the cause of a rise in temperature.

If your AC is not cooling at all proceed as follows:

  • Always check the thermostat first. The system should be switched to the cool setting and the fan should be on auto. If the thermostat is blank, it may just need new batteries.
  • Check for dirty air filters and replace them.
  • Check your air conditioning breakers. They could be tripped. If they are, reset them.
  • Check the drain line. It could be clogged and causing problems.
  • If your unit is sweating yet cold, immediately turn off your system. This means that it is frozen and needs to defrost for several hours.

Another important factor that affects the AC’s efficiency and overall energy costs is the age of the system. “Energy costs can be managed, and even reduced, by updating and maintaining an efficient AC system,” explains Gouty. “In the past decade, there have been significant advances in home cooling systems; if your system was installed prior to 2006, it’s possible that it could be highly inefficient by today’s standards.”

Since heating and air conditioning systems use more power than anything else in the home, it’s important to get top efficiency for it. Replacing a substandard air conditioner can increase efficiency by up to 60 percent. “If your current system is broken, running sloppy or simply out-of-date, update your AC system. ServiceOne offers air conditioning installation to most brands.” said Gouty. “The main factor when choosing your brand should always be an air conditioning system running at optimal efficiency and reduced energy costs, especially when living here in Florida.”