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Air Duct

Air Duct Services in Orlando

Boost Your AC’s Efficiency & Overall Performance

Did you know that your home or business can experience air loss due to leaks in the air duct system? Air duct leaks are costly because they add lots of wear and tear to your heating/air conditioning system. They also waste energy, which can mean higher utility bills. Poor air duct sealing is often what leads to air duct leaks. Our air duct repair services in Orlando can help prevent these problems.

Signs that you need air duct services include:

  • Comfort level is compromised: Rooms often feel stuffy and are difficult to heat or cool down. If you’ve turned up the heating or air conditioning and there doesn’t seem to be a change or the temperature is uncomfortable, it could be a leaky air duct at fault.
  • Damaged air ducts: If air ducts appear rusted, tangled, or crushed, there may be an issue with the air duct sealing.
  • Unhealthy amounts of dust: If you notice a lot of dust in the air, it may be time to get your air ducts inspected.

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