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HALO Treatment Systems in Orlando

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Do you know what’s in the water coming from your tap? While this water may be clean, dependable, and potable, nearly every major public water source in the country contains contaminants which could be harmful in large quantities. In most cases, the quantities of these inclusions are well below public safety guidelines and standards and won’t have any impact to your health. However, they can leave strange tastes, create residue on your plumbing equipment, and cause a number of other effects on your home and family.

At ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we are proud to be an authorized dealer and installer for HALO water filtration systems, one of the leading names in whole-home water treatment and a pioneer at the forefront of water filtration and purification technology. HALO water filtration systems use salt-free technology which removes a wide range of substances commonly found in water, leaving you with healthy, drinkable water from every tap throughout your home. This unique technology is entirely maintenance free for up to 10 years! No more lugging around heavy bags of salt or worrying about excessive pollution to the ecosystem.

When you purchase your system from Service One Air Conditioning & Plumbing, we even make sure that your system is perfectly configured to your home’s needs and targets the substances which are most prevalent in your water for the best possible results. We know the water here in central Florida well, and we can configure the perfect system to help you get the highest-quality water form every tap in your home!

When you want clean, great-tasting water in your home, accept nothing less than the best and demand a maintenance free HALO water filtration system! Schedule a consultation and water analysis service by calling Service One Air Conditioning & Plumbing at (407) 499-8333 today.

The HALO Water Filtration Difference

HALO water filtration systems are designed to provide superior functionality and long-lasting water filtration based on your water and your needs. If you’re looking for a whole-home water filtration system, the HALO 5 integrated whole-home filtration and conditioning system is simply unmatched on the market today. Targeting a wide swath of water inclusions and contaminants, this system combines water filtration with multiple stages of advanced technology for the best quality water you can get.

HALO water filtration systems can remove a wide variety of substances from your water, including:

  • Hard water issues (calcium & magnesium)
  • Pesticides & manufactured chemicals
  • Chlorine
  • Iron
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Lead & arsenic
  • Dirt & sediment

Looking for an affordable solution or simply access to clean, drinking-quality water in your home? HALO offers solutions for these applications as well! The HALO Pure series offers filtration in both multi-stage and single-stage systems so you can get the treatment you need at a cost that’s right for you. They even offer mini filtration systems designed to offer you great-tasting water in a small package, which makes it convenient wherever you need it. And all HALO systems are able to function with no media changes, no routine maintenance, and no added burden to your utility bills.

Keep Your Water Pure

You can find out how your home could benefit from a HALO water filtration system from the experts at Service One Air Conditioning & Plumbing, starting with a free comprehensive water analysis! This test is completely free of charge and won’t cost you a thing regardless of whether or not you purchase a water treatment system with us. Through this test, our Water Quality Association-certified technicians collect a water sample and send it to a state-certified lab in order to get precise results. Once we get those results, we can make optimized recommendations for a system that will greatly improve the quality of your water. We even offer water quality improvement services for building and contractor services as well as real estate and property management companies too!

Get the scoop on improving your water quality; contact Service One Air Conditioning & Plumbing today!

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