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4 AC Troubleshooting Tips

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When you first notice that your home doesn't seem as cool as it once was, your initial thought may be to schedule a service appointment. However, don't be afraid to try a few simple diagnostic strategies yourself before calling in a professional.

Here are four tips you can use for troubleshooting some common air conditioning problems:

Check Your Air Filter

If your air conditioner seems to be running more often or cooling less effectively, check your air filter. Especially during the warm months when the AC runs often, it usually doesn't take long for the increased amount of air circulation to leave you with a dirty or clogged filter.

Change the filter if needed, and take careful note if your air conditioner continues to struggle.

Verify Your Thermostat Settings

It can be all too easy for someone in your household to accidentally alter the designated settings on the thermostat, especially if your model features a touchscreen.

Comb through all the menu options to check for any errant settings, and make sure to check even the more obscure screens. Additionally, observe how long it takes for your air conditioner to respond to any changes you make on the thermostat.

Make Sure All Vents are Clear

Since the HVAC in your home works as a coordinated system, a minor problem in one area can cause stress on the whole network.

Take a walk around your home and ensure that nothing is blocking any outlet or air intake vent. Be on the lookout for even small obstructions like a backpack or a pile of toys.

Take a Look at the Breaker Box

If your air conditioner won't turn on at all, check to make sure that you don't have a tripped circuit breaker. Each breaker should have a label clearly stating which appliances are on a particular circuit. Depending on its size, your AC unit may or may not have a dedicated circuit.

In addition to routine maintenance, knowing how to troubleshoot some of the most common issues with your air conditioner can help you enjoy a comfortable, cool interior and fewer repair bills. Major repairs are definitely best left to a professional, but checking things out on your own first may reveal a simple solution or help you more accurately describe a larger problem to a service technician.

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