Don't Worry. You Can Do This. Here's How to Clean AC Coils

dirty AC unit

dirty ac unit

Can You Clean AC Coils?

If you want to keep your home running smoothly, reduce costs, and keep malfunctions to a minimum, you probably do routine maintenance around the house.

In central Florida, nothing is more important than having an air conditioner in good working order. No one wants their air conditioner to conk out when it's 92 degrees outside! 

Spring is the perfect time to perform a simple maintenance chore on your air conditioner. If you're not already doing it, you should clean your AC coils once a year. 

Sound complicated? It's not. You don't need tools, hours of time, or any kind of special training. It's a simple process you can do quickly and without stress in less than sixty minutes.

All you need is a screwdriver, a spray bottle or garden hose, a brush for cleaning, and a squirt of liquid detergent. 

Don't worry. You can do this: Here's how to clean AC coils.

What AC Coils Do 

Air conditioning units have two kinds of coils in them.  Evaporator coils capture the heat inside your home. The coils are filled with refrigerant, and when the hot air inside rubs against the cold coil, it is cooled and pushed through your air ducts. Condenser coils release the heat outside of your home

The whole principle of air conditioning is that air has to flow against the coils for the heat to be removed and the air to be cooled. 

So what happens when those AC coils are covered with dirt, grime, and pollen? 

Those dust particles form a blanket on the coils that prevents the air from touching the refrigerated coils. The air can't get cold enough because it can't contact the coils directly and has to filter down through a thick layer of filth. 

Not only does dirt make your air conditioner work harder, but it also decreases the lifespan of your unit and makes your home hotter because the air can't get cold.  

Worse yet, dirty coils can hold germs and contaminants putting your health at risk.  

That's why cleaning AC coils should be part of your yearly maintenance routine. 

Here's how to clean your AC coils:

  • First, turn the unit off.
  • Then unscrew the panel so that the coils are exposed. 
  • Take a heavy-duty brush with strong bristles and dust the coils. 
  • Spray with the hose, or put a drop of liquid detergent in a spray bottle filled with water and spritz the coils. 
  • Dry with a rag. 

You can buy special tools like a coil brush, sometimes called a soil brush, but a basic cleaning brush or heavy-duty paintbrush will work just as well. Just remember that you are not scouring or scrubbing. You're simply pushing the dirt off the coils. 

Hardware stores carry chemical coil cleaners in both rinse and non-rinse varieties, but soapy water works too.

No desire to clean your AC coils?

No worries. ServiceOne can help. Ask about our maintenance agreements that will keep your AC in tip-top working order no matter the season. We can help with any HVAC or plumbing need you have, including making sure your AC coils are clean and ready to cool the hot, humid air that descends on Florida every spring.

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