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Blogs from July, 2013

How Leak Detection Saves You Money


Water is necessary for general uses; throwing money down the drains is not. Therefore, if you notice that your utility bill is climbing, a plumbing repair to stop leaks may be the solution. The problem with most leaks, however, is that some are in unseen places, such as underground pipes and plumbing fixtures in the wall. Our Service One Air Conditioning company also specializes in leak detection. With the proper tools, equipment and the expertise of one of our experienced Longwood plumbers, you can save money on your monthly water bills.

What Cause the Leaks

  • If drains become clogged and remain so, it can weaken the pipes, causing them to need pipe repair.
  • Aged pipes often weaken and crack.
  • Tree roots growing into the underground plumbing results in backups and can eventually break the pipes.
  • When the water pressure is too high, it stresses the pipes, causing them to weaken over time and come loose or break.

Now that you have an idea of the root causes, it is time to look at the results. Along with noticing excessively high water bills, you may experience hearing running water when no faucet or tap is in use. If your floors have warm areas or, along with the walls, they start to spot with mildew or wetness, you are in need of a pipe repair. Also, do not overlook that curious looking puddle in the yard where water keeps settling. Settled water in your basement or crawlspace is another indicator that some fixtures are in need of plumbing repair.

Low water pressure is also a sign that you are losing water. Don’t let the situation stress you because our Longwood plumbers will do a leak detection when they arrive. The quicker the work is done, the faster you will see the difference in your water bill every month.

A plumbing repair by Service One Air Conditioning is your solution. With our professional leak detection and pipe repair, your water bills will decrease while your savings increase. Call us today at (407) 499-8333 and experience the difference.


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