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Blogs from May, 2013

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your AC


Common sense would tell you that the best time to replace your air conditioner with a new unit should be when it dies. While you can certainly do that, the problem is that you can be stuck with an inefficient air conditioner that wastes a lot of money and energy for months before it stops working altogether. Our experts at Service One Air Conditioning are happy to share with you the warning signs that can let you know when you need an air conditioner upgrade.

  1. Sign #1: You air conditioner is approaching 10 years old.
    While a decade is not much in terms of human lifespan, it’s an entire lifetime for an air conditioning system. Home cooling technology moves quickly, and most older air conditioners are incredibly inefficient compared to today’s eco-friendly models. Upgrading your air conditioner to one of today’s energy efficient systems will not only make it easier to cool your home quickly, but it can also save you up to 20% on your monthly energy bills.
  2. Sign #2: The temperature in your home is uneven.
    If you have a cooling system that is supposed to cover your entire house, big changes in temperature from one room to another are a sure sign that you need an air conditioner upgrade.
  3. Sign #3: Your energy bills keep increasing while your air conditioner usage stays the same.
    Air conditioners become more inefficient with age because their parts wear down. If you cannot explain ongoing increases in your energy expenses, your old air conditioner might be the culprit.
  4. Sign #4: You have had to pay for multiple air conditioner repair services in the last few years.
    If your unit keeps breaking down, you can end up spending a fortune on fixing it. While paying a professional Longwood air conditioning company to install a new system will cost more upfront, it will save you money on repairs in the long run.

If you suspect that your air conditioner is close to breaking down, get it taken care of now. Waiting until it dies will only waste your money on sky-high energy bills.

Our team at Service One Air Conditioning can help you choose and install the best cooling system for your home and budget. To get started today, give us a call today at (407) 499-8333.


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