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Blogs from February, 2014

4 Reasons Regular A/C Maintenance Save You Money

AC Maintenance

Just as an automobile needs regular maintenance to keep it up and running, air conditioning equipment requires regular upkeep to keep it operating smoothly as well. While there’s not much that you can do to improve a car’s energy efficiency, regular air conditioning maintenance offers multiple opportunities to make the system work more efficiently, saving you money on energy bills. When it comes to energy efficiency, scheduling a maintenance call from Service One Air Conditioning is your first step towards savings.

Regular Maintenance saves you money

  1. duct maintenance can prevent future allergy flare ups
  2. Costs can range from $70-$100
  3. Inspection checks coils, capacitors, compressor & refrigerant, duct works
  4. Up to 5 percent efficiency loss if unit is not maintained per year

Regular air conditioning maintenance includes checks on all the related equipment to ensure that the system is clean and balanced. System controls are inspected and calibrated. Filters are cleaned, replaced, or upgraded; fan belts are tightened; and refrigerant levels are verified. The ductwork that delivers cool air and retrieves stale air is inspected for leaks, gaps, and blockages as well.

By ensuring that your air conditioner isn’t wasting energy, you’ll save money on monthly utility bills for your central Florida home. You’ll extend the service life of the equipment and you’ll help prevent the need for an air conditioning repair in the future. Best of all, you’ll enjoy the confidence of knowing that your family will remain comfortable cool without having to pay for sky-high energy bills.

At Service One Air Conditioning, we offer a number of additional benefits to our clients who schedule regular maintenance heat-ac-services. You’ll enjoy a 15% discount on any needed repairs and a five-year guarantee on all the heat-ac-services that our skilled technicians perform. To demonstrate our appreciation, we’ll give you priority status for all your air conditioning needs. If you move to a new central Florida residence, you’ll be pleased to discover that your service agreement is transferable as well.

When you want a central Florida air conditioning company that you can count on for quality service, you can’t go wrong with Service One Air Conditioning. Our commitment to service is our first priority. To learn more about how regular maintenance for your air conditioner can save you money or to schedule an appointment, call us today at (407) 499-8333.


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