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Blogs from September, 2016

The Heat Is On! Don’t Get Burned by High Power Bills

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Even though fall decorations are already in the stores, it is still HOT in Florida and will remain so for several more months. That is why the professionals at Service One, one of Orlando’s leading AC and plumbing companies, wants you to check out these tips from the energy foundation on great ways to save money on your power bill:

  1. OPERATE YOUR THERMOSTAT EFFICIENTLY – Set your thermostat as high as comfortably possible. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. Keep your house warmer than normal when you are away, and lower the thermostat setting to 78°F (26°C) only when you are at home and need cooling. A programmable thermostat can make it easy to set back your temperature. Avoid setting your thermostat at a colder setting than normal when you turn on your air conditioner. It will not cool your home any faster and could result in unnecessary expense.
  2. USE FANS AND VENTILATION STRATEGIES TO COOL YOUR HOME – In combination with an air conditioning a ceiling fan will allow you to raise the thermostat setting about 4°F with no reduction in comfort. Turn off ceiling fans when you leave the room. Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, by creating a wind chill effect. When you shower or take a bath, use the bathroom fan to remove the heat and humidity from your home. Your laundry room might also benefit from spot ventilation. Make sure bathroom and kitchen fans are vented to the outside (not just to the attic).
  3. KEEP YOUR COOLING SYSTEM RUNNING EFFICIENTLY — Schedule regular maintenance for your cooling equipment. Avoid placing lamps or TV sets near your room air-conditioning thermostat. The thermostat senses heat from these appliances, which can cause the air conditioner to run longer than necessary. Vacuum registers regularly to remove any dust buildup. Ensure that furniture and other objects are not blocking the airflow through your registers.
  4. DON’T HEAT YOUR HOME WITH APPLIANCES AND LIGHTING – On hot days, avoid using the oven; cook on the stove, use a microwave oven, or grill outside. Install efficient lighting that runs cooler. Only about 10% to 15% of the electricity that incandescent lights consume results in light—the rest is turned into heat. Wash only full loads of dishes and clothes. Consider air drying both dishes and clothing. Take short showers instead of baths. Minimize activities that generate a lot of heat, such as running a computer, burning open flames, running a dishwasher, and using hot devices such as curling irons or hair dryers. Even stereos and televisions will add some heat to your home.
  5. KEEP HOT AIR FROM LEAKING INTO YOUR HOME – Seal cracks and openings to prevent warm air from leaking into your home. Add caulk or weather-stripping to seal air leaks around leaky doors and windows.
  6. LOWER YOUR WATER HEATING COSTS – Water heating accounts for about 18% of the energy consumed in your home. Turn down the temperature of your water heater to the warm setting (120°F). You’ll not only save energy, you’ll avoid scalding your hands. Find other strategies for energy-efficient water heating.

In conclusion, there are practical ways to save money on your power bill, even in Florida in the dog days of summer. “However, if your AC is running constantly and you feel like your bills are increasing, it might be time for an AC tune up from ServiceOne, ” said Service One founder and president, Bill Gouty. “Sometimes a simple fix can get yous AC operating efficiently.”


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