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Blogs from April, 2017

Broken Air Conditioner? Service One Addresses Some of the Most Common AC Issues


With Florida’s summer looming, now is not the time for a broken air conditioner. The experts at ServiceOne, one of Orlando’s leading AC companies, wants homeowners to know about some common culprits, which don’t always mean a major expense or long downtime.

“The most common problems can be avoided with regular maintenance,” said Bill Gouty, Service One founder and president. “However, whatever the issue is with your central air, it typically requires the attention of a licensed AC service technician.”

According to Service One, some of the most common issues include:

  • Thermostat troubles
  • Debris buildup
  • Lack of power sources
  • Bad or corroded wires
  • Burnt motors or damaged fan blades
  • Faulty control boards

The thermostat controls the central air system by helping you communicate with the compressor. When the thermostat has a glitch, it could be due to debris buildup inside the thermostat, broken wires, or a worn-out control board. Though you can dissemble the thermostat and clean it of dust and debris, it is often smarter to purchase and install a new thermostat. Newer models provide more accurate readings, last longer and offer customized settings.

Your AC can also stop running due to a buildup of debris. Air from inside the home travels into the air ducts, the central air system, bedrooms, living rooms and even the garage. Dust and particles circulate with the air and collects on evaporator coils, ducts, vents and registers and the air filter. When the air filter is matted with debris the AC system is strained since it has to work through an extra layer of dirt. Eventually, after enough time and buildup, the system stops working. To fix this, your Service One technician will clean the inside and outside of the unit, removing any type of buildup that has accumulated.

“As a homeowner, you can help reduce the amount of dust circulating in your home by regularly changing the air filter,” said Gouty. “We also suggest signing up for our ClubOne Membership that gives members priority status during an AC crisis. Club One members enjoy a 15% discount on any needed repairs and a five-year guarantee on all the HVAC services that our skilled technicians perform.”


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