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Blogs from September, 2017

Central Florida Homeowners Can ‘Go Green’ with Hybrid Water Heaters from ServiceOne

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Homeowners across Central Florida are learning that they can “go green” and save some “green” by installing a new, state-of-art heat pump or “hybrid” water heater from ServiceOne, Orlando’s leading heating, AC and plumbing company.

“Water heaters are estimated to be the second-highest energy users in most American homes,” said Bill Gouty, Service One founder and president. “Going with a hybrid, also known as heat pump water heaters, can produce substantial savings in utility costs over the course of a year.”

Heat pump water heaters (HPWH) use a more efficient method of heating water than traditional storage tank water heaters. A HPWH uses a fan to draw in air and transfers the heat from that air to water in an enclosed tank.

During periods of high hot water demand, HPWHs switch to standard electric resistance heat (hence the reference to them as “hybrid” hot water heaters) automatically. Your HPWH will come with control panels that you to select from different operating modes, which may include:

  • Efficiency/Economy – Maximizes energy efficiency and savings by only using the heat pump to heat water
  • Auto/Hybrid – This default setting is ideal for daily use and provides energy-efficient water heating with sustained heat
  • Electric/Heater – This high-demand setting is the least energy-efficient, using only the electric element to heat water
  • Vacation/Timer (not available on all models) – Saves on energy use while you’re away from home by placing the HPWH in “sleep” mode until you return

The GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater, which is offered by Service One, is one of America’s most efficient 50-gallon water heaters, using 62 percent less energy and saving upwards of $365 a year on utility bills. And because it uses the same water and electric connections as traditional water heaters, installation is fast and easy.

“When it’s time to replace a hot water heater, homeowners should seriously consider a hybrid unit,” said Gouty. “With the average household spending around $400-$600 per year on water heating, the savings will add up quickly.”


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