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Blogs from April, 2021

Guilty of Crimes Against Your Drain? Don't Make Your Sink Suffer!

woman against a wall marked "criminal"

Is your sink clogged? Does your drain back up often?

No accusations here. No official charges will be brought. But you may be the culprit here.

What you're putting down the drain is causing your sink to be sick, burping and belching dirty water back at you.

Stop now. Before it's too late. Before you get a reputation as a sink-clogging homewrecker.

Steer clear of these clog-causing criminal activities.

Putting rice and pasta down the drain:

Those bits of pasta remaining stuck to the plates after your famous baked spaghetti dinner? Those few grains of dry rice that escaped to the counter instead of going into the pot? The leftover couscous from your Mediterranean dinner?

If you scrape them into the sink thinking they'll flow peacefully down the drain, you’d be wrong.

Pasta and rice are starchy substances that absorb water. Think about how much the dry form expands once it’s cooked. Stuck in your drain, rice and pasta will swell into a big lump, causing your sink to clog up.

Pouring coffee grounds into the sink:

It doesn’t seem like pouring those tiny coffee grounds down the sink would be a big deal, but believe me, it’s a plumbing crime.

Coffee doesn’t react to water like other solids do. Instead of liquifying or diluting, coffee clumps together. Think of the coffee filter in your machine after you brew a pot. Those coffee grounds are sticky on the paper filter. The same thing happens in your pipes. Those grounds form a clump and clog the drain.

Draining cooking grease down your kitchen drain:

It’s a temptation to tip the hot skillet and the little bit of grease into the kitchen drain. It’s liquid, after all, isn’t it?

While it’s hot, grease is liquid. But if you remember what your skillet looks like after the grease in it cools, you’ll know that grease congeals into a thick, gelatinous coating.

Imagine the inside of your pipes coated with that grease, like hardening-of-the-plumbing arteries, creating major blockages and making your sink clog.

Dropping potato peelings into your sink:

We’ve all done it, probably not realizing that potato peelings are not as innocuous as they seem.

Potato peels are heavy, falling to the bottom of the drain pipe. If you continue to drop peelings onto the first one, they form a pile. Like rice and pasta, potatoes have starch in them. When mixed with water, potato peels form a gloppy starch that can clog your sink.

Using eggshells to “clean the blades”:

Guess what? Garbage disposals don’t have blades.

You may have heard that eggshells, ice, and citrus peels clean the blades of your disposal, but that isn’t true. Garbage disposals have “impellers,” or lug nuts attached to a stationary plate that spins waste around and throws it against a grinding ring to break it apart before it is washed away with water.

Eggshells are sharp and the sticky white membrane can actually wrap around the impellers, damaging the mechanism. And those razor-sharp, hard particles of eggshells don’t dissolve, adding to the sludge in your drain that creates clogs.

Turn away from your crime against drains.

Stop committing plumbing vandalism and making your sink suffer!

Let us help you. Now through the 30th of April, ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing is offering a special “Keep My Plumbing Humming discount. Get $75.00 OFF any drain or sewer cleaning.

We’re trained professionals who can help you stop your life of plumbing crime and put your sink on the road to recovery.


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