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cartoon of an air conditioner with the head of an elderly man

How long do air conditioners last in Central Florida? Here’s the scoop!

cartoon of an air conditioner as an elderly man

The sun is blazing, the humidity is relentless, and your Florida home feels like a sauna. What’s your secret weapon against the sweltering heat? Your trusty air conditioner! Once you install it, you expect it to keep you comfortable for years. But how long can it actually last? Here’s the scoop on what the lifespan of your air conditioner might be.

The Florida AC Marathon

Florida isn’t just the land of oranges and alligators—it’s also the land of air conditioners. Many historians believe that Florida wouldn’t have grown if air conditioning had not been invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. Without air conditioning, people would not want to live here.

Today, over 86% of Florida residences rely on AC systems to battle the heat and humidity. An average home air conditioning system runs 2700 hours per year here. That’s the equivalent of driving your car seven hours every day, 365 days per year!

With that much constant work, how long can these cooling warriors really last?

The Myth of the 10-Year Lifespan

You’ve probably heard that air conditioners only survive a decade. Well, let’s debunk that myth! A well-maintained central air conditioning system can last up to 15 to 20 years. That’s right—your AC can be your faithful companion for two decades!

But that only happens IF you give it TLC (tender loving care) and routine maintenance.

Many studies show that performing routine maintenance can prolong the life of your air conditioner by as much as 40%, which can be at least four years where we live!

Factors That Matter

Before you raise an eyebrow, let’s talk about the factors that impact your AC’s lifespan:

That TLC we mentioned? Routine maintenance is the key to the longevity of air conditioners.

ServiceOne knows that air conditioning systems are expensive and need to last as long as possible. That’s why we offer a ClubOne Membership. Our expert technicians will come to your house two times a year at conveniently scheduled times to perform a thorough Precision Tune-Up, (PTU,) on your equipment.

Routine checks prevent major emergencies and breakdowns by finding small problems before they cause big issues. PTUs keep all the parts lubricated, cleaned, and operating at maximum efficiency which makes your equipment work less hard. The less your system has to work, the longer it will last.

A bonus is that when your air conditioner works at maximum efficiency, your air conditioning utility bills go down!

Installation Matters

A proper installation by skilled technicians ensures longevity.

Size matters, too. Oversizing or undersizing will inevitably to trouble.

That’s why trained, skilled professionals must come out to measure your home, study the layout, and discuss your HVAC needs. Our project leaders from ServiceOne are happy to answer questions and spend time with you, finding the perfect solution to keep you cool for years.

Florida’s Humidity Challenge

Florida’s humidity is legendary. The Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean conspire to make it the second most humid state in America. Your AC battles not only heat but also moisture.

If your windows fog up or if you catch a whiff of a musty odor, your air conditioner might not be pulling enough moisture out of the air. You’ll be subject to mold and mildew, which are bad for your belongings and your health!

Keep it well-maintained to withstand the humidity onslaught and extend its lifespan.

Hurricane Hazard 

Hurricanes are part of Florida’s reality, and they can wreak havoc on your air conditioning system. You may experience hail damage to your AC’s refrigerant coil and/or fins. Sometimes, hurricane-force winds lift objects and toss them around. Your AC system could be struck by flying debris.

Those problems may not shorten the lifespan of your air conditioner if you address the issues quickly and have a ServiceOne technician check the damage.

The Coastal Connection

Orlando is the land of theme parks, citrus groves, and balmy weather. But there’s another element that defines this coastal city: saltwater air. The problem of salty air only affects the coastal cities of our nation, but it doesn’t have to dramatically shorten the life of your air conditioner when you live here. 

Saltwater air isn’t just a gentle kiss on your skin—it’s a stealthy saboteur. Salt particles in the air settle on your AC’s components. When combined with moisture, they create a corrosive cocktail. Aluminum coils, copper tubing, and steel parts are particularly vulnerable. Corrosion leads to inefficiency, breakdowns, and costly repairs.

That’s why routine maintenance is so important! Technicians clean and check the parts, making sure that corrosion is kept at bay.

The Lifespan Tug-of-War

Because of our hot temperatures, high humidity, hurricanes, and saltwater exposure, the lifespan of air conditioning units in Florida may be shorter than in other areas of the country where they don’t have to work so hard.

However, even in Florida, AC systems normally last 10-15 years, and that time can be lengthened with regular maintenance and the TLC provided with our ClubOne membership!

Trust the Pros at ServiceOne

When in doubt, call in the experts. They’ll inspect, clean, and fortify your AC against the Florida climate.

Remember, your AC isn’t just a machine; it’s your summer savior. Treat it well, and it will keep you cool through many Florida summers!

Call us.


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