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Blogs from January, 2024

multiple people looking up with question marks on their foreheads

multiple people looking up with question marks on their foreheads

Some people are great Do-It-Yourselfers. They happily take on landscaping projects. Woodworking plans bring them joy. Painting and decorating excite them.

But some things should NEVER be done by ambitious Do-It-Yourselfers. Electrical work, roof repair, and cutting down mature trees should always be done by professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and equipment necessary for safety and efficiency.

Add to that list, working on your own HVAC and plumbing systems!

What do you know about your HVAC maintenance?

Unless you can answer these questions and are a trained technician, don’t ever try to repair or replace your air conditioner yourself:

Do you know the answers?

  1. How much amperage and voltage should your air conditioner be using?
  2. What does a change in amperage or voltage indicate about problems in your air conditioner?
  3. Where is the float switch?
  4. How do you check the float switch?
  5. Why is it important to measure capacitors?
  6. What is the process to calibrate a thermostat?
  7. How many pounds of refrigerant pressure should you have?
  8. What’s a temperature differential and how would you check it?
  9. How do you properly clean a blower assembly?
  10. Where do insert the algae tablet?

What is a PTU?

PTU stands for Precision Tune-Up. Smart homeowners have their air conditioning and heating checked two times a year by professionals. It’s like your annual physical or a frequent oil change for your car.

Like preventive medicine for your body and routine maintenance on your car, PTUs prevent breakdowns by finding, fixing, and maintaining your system BEFORE tiny issues become bigger problems.

Our PTU includes these vital maintenance tasks that require special knowledge.

Benefits of a routine PTU

ONE: Extend the lifespan of your unit

Air conditioning systems that receive systematic, routine maintenance last a remarkable 40% longer than those without maintenance. That's like adding four years to the lifespan of your AC unit!

Air conditioning is very important in Central Florida, but no matter how important it is, no one wants to buy a new system until they have to. Extending the lifespan of equipment by several years with routine PTUs is a smart strategy.

TWO: Save on energy bills

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of preventative maintenance like a PTU is that it can lower your energy bills by up to 30%. A system running at maximum efficiency consumes less energy, putting more money back in your pocket.

THREE: Protect your warranty

Manufacturers honor warranties when they know that you have properly maintained your unit. Without routine check-ups, your system may not be covered by warranties.

FOUR: Reduce repair costs

Finding and fixing a small issue before it gets to be a big one saves you on repair bills. Solving problems before they happen also eliminates stress from your life.

Who doesn’t want that?

What a PTU includes

ServiceOne offers a thorough check of your HVAC twice a year with our ClubOne Membership programs. (We also offer plumbing inspections on an annual basis!)

Twenty HVAC Maintenance Checks: Our certified technicians will perform twenty essential maintenance tasks that require specialized knowledge and equipment:

  • Measuring component amperage and voltage draws.
  • Monitoring the start-up cycle and amperages.
  • Inspecting contractors, motors, relays, and electrical boards.
  • Measuring all capacitors.
  • Testing/inspecting all safety controls.
  • Measuring temperature differentials.
  • Checking refrigerant charge.
  • Inspecting the blower assembly.
  • Ensuring proper airflow.
  • Monitoring cooling cycles.
  • Adjusting thermostat calibration if needed.
  • Flushing the drain line.
  • Lubricating moving parts.
  • Tightening loose wiring connections.
  • Checking the operation of the float switch.
  • Cleaning and adjusting the blower assembly in place.
  • Applying self-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner.
  • Installing algae tablets.
  • Adjusting refrigerant pressure (up to one pound).

ClubOne Memberships

Unless you’re a certified technician, you can’t perform the necessary maintenance on your HVAC system.

ServiceOne, however, has a painless, easy way to guarantee that you get two PTU’s a year.

Join our ClubOne memberships, which offer you two complete PTUs each year. Not only do you get scheduled maintenance visits, but you also get membership perks:

  • 15% off any repair
  • No overtime charges, ever
  • Head of the line service
  • Discounts on systems and equipment

Better yet, you can pay in small monthly payments or on a one-time annual basis, whichever best fits your needs!

Our PTU special now through March 31, 2024!

Call now to schedule a PTU for your air conditioner.

Usually $149, ServiceOne is offering this crucial service for just $119 through March 31, 2024!


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