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10 Reasons Why Daikin is a Company You Can Trust

Family inside Daikin's "perfected air" looking out window

Family inside Daikin's "perfected air" looking out window

Are you considering a new air conditioner? Do you feel frazzled because you don’t know anything about HVAC equipment? Energy efficiency, ease-of-use, warranties, and overall cost are important to you, but how do you know what system to choose? ServiceOne is here to help. We work with the best air conditioning manufacturers in the world, offering affordable options for any home or small business. Daikin, Inc. Is number one, and we are honored to partner with them in bringing you state-of-the-art heating and cooling. Daikin is a company you can trust, too! Here are 10 reasons why:

ONE: Global Leadership

Daikin’s global impact is undeniable. With over 96,000 employees worldwide, they lead the market for heat pumps and air conditioning systems. Sold in 170 countries, their presence spans continents, ensuring reliable service and innovation across regions.

TWO: Manufacturing Where It Is Needed

Daikin’s commercial prowess is impressive. Twenty-five manufacturing locations around the world contribute to the seamless production of high-quality HVAC&R technologies for diverse populations.

Here in the United States, Daikin has three facilities: A sales office in Louisville, Kentucky, and two manufacturing plants in Waller, Texas and Plymouth, Minnesota.

THREE: Commitment to the Environment

Daikin’s dedication to sustainability extends beyond profits. By adopting the R-32 refrigerant in approximately 140 million units of air conditioners globally, they’ve reduced 230 million tons of CO₂ emissions. This eco-conscious approach sets them apart.

FOUR: A Century of Progress

Not only has Daikin been operating in the United States for decades, but the company is celebrating its 100th anniversary as a corporate entity.

Decades of Operation: Daikin’s legacy spans 30 years in the United States, where they’ve consistently delivered premium HVAC&R solutions2. Their longevity reflects stability and expertise.

Daikin, Inc., was founded in 1924 when a Japanese engineer developed radiator tubes for aircraft. From there, innovations and progress exploded into a worldwide entity and recognized leader in air conditioning, heat pumps, and cooling equipment. This year, Daikin marked its 100th birthday!

FIVE: Cutting-Edge Technology

Daikin leverages its experience and technology to meet diverse demands. Whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial settings, their air conditioning solutions excel3. From the development of a Direct Expansion System, Daikin became a leader in revolutionizing how refrigerants are used. In the 1950s, Daikin developed a rotary compressor and brought the first heat pump to the market.

SIX: Market Dominance

As the market leader, Daikin influences industry standards and shapes policies. Their commitment to energy efficiency drives positive change. As populations across the world began to experience the high quality and longevity of Daikin products, the company’s reputation grew and contributed to its position as the number one manufacturer of air conditioners and heat pumps in the world.

SEVEN: Quality Assurance

How you ever complained about the shoddy workmanship and quick production at the cost of quality in our modern world?

You don’t have to worry about inferior products with Daikin! We know. ServiceOne works with multiple vendors, and we can attest to the fact that Daikin equipment is top-notch. Rigorous quality control ensures that every Daikin product meets the highest standards. When you choose Daikin, you’re investing in reliability and longevity3.

EIGHT: Innovation and Energy Efficiency

From the mini-split ductless systems to the heat pump, Daikin’s continuous pursuit of innovation results in energy-efficient systems, smart controls, and advanced air purification technologies3.

As energy costs continue to climb, energy-efficient equipment, particularly for systems that run 24 hours a day like ours, is crucial. Daikin knows that and ensures that each piece of equipment is energy efficient.

NINE: Perfecting the Air:

Daikin’s mission remains unwavering: to perfect the air we breathe. Their dedication to comfort, quality, and environmental responsibility drives their success. In a world with chemical pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, and more wildfires than ever before, “Perfecting the air” is incredibly important!

TEN: ServiceOne Is Proud to Partner with Daikin:

ServiceOne is proud to partner with Daikin, the world leader in air conditioners and heat pumps. We know they are committed to producing high-quality, energy-efficient equipment, and we’ve witnessed their extraordinary attention to customer service.

Daikin and ServiceOne are a dynamic duo. Call us. We can answer any questions you have about perfecting the air in your home!


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