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Blogs from December, 2013

Drain Cleaning

You may have needed plumbing service in the past for the usual reasons; you know, your drain may have been clogged by toilet paper, hair, baby wipes, Kleenex, etc. However, what you might not have known is that, in rare instances, things can actually show up in your bathroom plumbing. As you’ll see, plumbers have reported some odd occurrences of certain animals paying unwanted and unexpected visits to homes via the toilet. While nothing like this will probably ever happen to you, remember to call Service One if you ever need your drains cleared – for whatever reason.

1. Possums

A man in Dallas went into his bathroom one afternoon and found a baby possum looking up at him from the toilet bowl. The possum was out of breath, but that was to be expected because the animal had probably traveled about 50 feet through pipes filled with water to make his “appearance.” The man shut the lid, called animal control, and someone showed up to transport the possum to safety.

2. Lizards

Lizards will look for water wherever they can find it. In rare instances, this includes a home’s bathroom plumbing. Actually, many homes in the southwestern portion of the U.S. have this type of problem on a regular basis.

3. Frogs

In Florida, frogs are obviously a common sight. However, sometimes they’ll drop in unexpectedly through the toilet. Because they are fond of damp spaces, they tend to accumulate around pipes and other wet areas.

This isn’t to suggest at all that you need to be wary the next time you open the lid of your toilet. It is a virtual certainty that nothing will be in your bathroom plumbing. However, should you ever get an unwelcome surprise, stay calm and call animal control. If you have any “regular” issues with the pipes in your home, contact Service One online or call us at (407) 499-8333 to set an appointment with one of our Longwood professionals. Have you ever received a surprise visit from a critter in your home? If so, share your story by clicking one of the social media icons on this page.


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