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Blogs from September, 2013

Improve Your Health and Home Value with Better Water Filtration

Water poured in a cup

Many homeowners assume that the water coming out of their faucets and running through their appliances is completely clean and filtered.  However, basic water purification does not always remove every contaminant or leave water ideal for home use.  Longwood homeowners who don’t already have their own filtration system should call ServiceOne ACfor Longwood water filtration services.  Installing a water system can help homeowners enjoy better health and even save money.

Drinking Water Contains Many Contaminants

Many homeowners don’t realize that water purification still leaves contaminants in water.  Untreated water can contain minerals, chlorine, lead, bacteria, viruses, sediment, and more.  Many of these pollutants are reduced but still present in the water that most homeowners use, which can cause water to taste bad or even make homeowners sick.  An in-home filtration system such as a reverse osmosis water filter does a more thorough job of removing harmful substances like lead and arsenic.

Hard Water Costs Money and Damages Appliances

Hard water, or water with a high mineral content, is another problem for homeowners.  The minerals in hard water prevent soap from properly lathering, which makes cleaning difficult and causes homeowners to spend more money on products like shampoo and laundry detergent.  Hard water can also leave behind scale deposits in pipes and water-using appliances, which can cause damage over time.  A home water softening system prevents these problems and the resulting expenses.

Improve Your Quality of Living Today

Clean water is so essential that homeowners shouldn’t think twice about investing in filtration systems.  It’s worth remembering that installing water filtration systems also adds value to a home and appeal for future buyers.  Homeowners should call (407) 499-8333
 to schedule water treatment service with ServiceOne AC today.


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