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Blogs from October, 2013

Plumbing Maintenance

Broken plumbing fixtures can create catastrophic results. That might be exaggerating, but no one likes to have to clean up flooded bathrooms and basements or to repair water damaged flooring. To prevent costly damage and last minute repair bills, you should call ServiceOne AC to take a proactive approach to plumbing maintenance. By calling us at ServiceOne AC, you can schedule routine visits to inspect your existing plumbing and address any potential issues before they become huge disasters.

Clearing Your Drains

One of the least loved chores in the whole house is clearing up clogged drains and other plumbing maintenance tasks. Sometimes the store-bought drain cleaners cannot cope with the buildup of hair, grease, food residue, or other waste that clings to pipes and drains. To keep your drains from backing up, schedule a drain cleaning service and we will make sure your plumbing does what it is designed to do, free of gross buildup.

Dealing with Disposals

In-sink garbage disposals are one of the domestic connoisseur’s best friends. Grinding up food particles without needing to scrape them out of the sink is one of the ways to make cleanup a breeze after preparing a meal. What many people do not realize is that the smell emanating from the kitchen sink may be a dirty disposal. Not only can a call to ServiceOne AC ensure your disposal is not harboring any rotten food residue, plumbing maintenance can make sure the blades are sharp and the bearings are working as they should.

If you come across a plumbing emergency in your home, or would like new fixtures installed, do not hesitate to call your Longwood plumber at (407) 499-8333 for an appointment as soon as possible.


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