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Wall Hung Bathroom Fixtures: Why You Might / Might Not Want Them

Large, white, wall-hung faucet, sink, and cabinet.

photo of white wall mounted sink, faucet, and cabinet

Wall-Mounted Faucets: A Modern Twist 

Remember the days when choosing a faucet was as simple as driving to the local hardware store and picking one you liked? Well, those days are long gone! 

Faucet decisions now involve a myriad of factors: brands, finishes, spreads, hole sizes, and mounting types.  

Wall-mounted faucets – along with toilets and bidets - are a trend that’s making waves in interior design. 

What Is a Wall-Mounted Fixture?  

A wall-mount faucet or toilet is exactly what it sounds like: it is mounted on the wall, not the floor. Unlike traditional deck-mounted fixtures, wall-mount faucets and toilets have their plumbing supply lines running behind the wall or backsplash, freeing up precious space. If a homeowner wants storage around a wall hung fixture, any cabinetry offers space uncluttered by pipes and valves.  

These wall-hung fixtures, often vessel sinks or streamlined toilets, create a sleek, minimalist look. 

Because they are not bulky and loaded on the floor, wall-mounted fixtures are often called “floating” fixtures.  

Why You Might Want Wall Hung Fixtures  

Unique and Showstopping 

Wall mounted fixtures stand out. They add a touch of drama and uniqueness to your home, leaving an impression on guests, and providing you with pleasure each time you step into your bathroom. 

Cleaner and Fresher 

One huge benefit of wall-mounted fixtures is how easy they are to clean. Think about it. Most restrooms in restaurants and retail stores feature wall hung fixtures. There’s a reason for that. Every day, they are mopped and cleaned at least once, sometimes multiple times.  

Wall-mounted toilets can easily and quickly be cleaned underneath without the worry of stray urine sticking on the ceramic base and the floor around it. Unlike deck-mounted counterparts, faucets are less prone to hard water spots and toothpaste stains. 

Space-Saving Design 

When space is at a premium and every inch matters, choose wall hung fixtures. By eliminating the need for countertop holes, wall-mounted faucets, toilets, and bidets create a sense of openness. 

Flexibility for Height and Abilities  

Unlike conventional ones, which come with a standard height, you can mount these fixtures at any height convenient for the user. Whether you are 6’5” or 5’0”, you can get maximum comfort.  

Your body build and fitness levels affect your preference for toilet position. A higher-mounted wall-mounted toilet can make it easier to sit and stand up if you have trouble bending your knees or hips. 

This flexibility is an ideal option for people with mobility challenges. Wheelchairs can easily be rolled under a wall-mounted sink, and wall-mounted toilets allow the height to be adjusted for ease with transferring from a walker or wheelchair for the elderly or physically impaired.  

Why You Might Not Want Wall Hung Fixtures 

Installation Complexity 

Because the pipes and water supply are behind the walls, a professional plumber needs to handle the installation of wall mounted fixtures.  

Plumbing alterations and precise measurements are essential, as is the knowledge of the home's waterworks.  

Higher Expense 

Those sleek designs and streamlined fixtures come at a higher price than traditional toilets and sinks.  

On average, wall-mounted toilets cost about 30% more than traditional floor-mounted ones. “Floating” sinks are also more expensive due primarily to the increased installation costs.  

Maintenance and Repairs 

While cleaner overall, repairs can be more challenging due to concealed plumbing. 

Choose wisely, as replacing a wall-mounted toilet may involve wall alterations. 

Expert Insights 

Interior designers and plumbers alike praise wall-mounted faucets for their clean lines and modern appeal. They seamlessly integrate into the backsplash, becoming a design element, offering flexibility and cleanliness that deck-mounted fixtures cannot achieve.  

The main disadvantage to wall-hung fixtures is that they cost more to install, and if major repairs are needed, they will cost more to repair.  

Dare to Be Different 

Wall-mounted faucets and toilets are more than fixtures; they are statements. If you’re ready to elevate your space, consider this unique design trend. If you’re up for the challenge, get ready to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality. Pick out your fixtures. Then call ServiceOne! 

No matter what kind of help with plumbing you need, the professional plumbers of ServiceOne can handle it. From drain-cleaning to toilet stoppages. From bad water heaters to broken garbage disposals. From installing whole house water filtration systems to inserting “floating” fixtures into your bathroom, ServiceOne plumbers handle any project quickly, competently, professionally, and politely.  


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