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Celebrating Independence Day? Do You Know These Facts? A 4th of July Quiz

American flag as backdrop for a lighted sparkler

American flag as backdrop for a lighted sparkler

Many Americans enjoy celebrating the 4th of July holiday. It's an annual summer ritual of fireworks displays, family cookouts, band concerts, parades, fun, and food. 

But regardless of how much we celebrate, we might not know a lot of the history. Do you know these facts? 

1. Future Presidents  

ūüĒć Question: Which two future presidents signed the Declaration of Independence?¬†¬†

  • A) Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe¬†

  • B) John Adams and James Monroe¬†¬†

  • C) James Monroe and James Madison¬†¬†

  • D) Thomas Jefferson and John Adams¬†¬†

2. Presidential Independence Day 

ūüĒć Question: Which three U.S. presidents and Founding Fathers died on the Fourth of July?¬†

  • A) George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson¬†

  • B) Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Abraham Lincoln¬†

  • C) John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe¬†

  • D) Benjamin Franklin, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson¬†

3. Liberty Bell Tradition 

ūüĒć Question: How many times does the Liberty Bell ring on each Independence Day?¬†

  • A) 7 times¬†

  • B) 13 times¬†

  • C) 50 times¬†

  • D) It doesn’t toll; it sings the national anthem!¬†

4. Hot Diggety Dog! 

ūüĒć Question: How many hot dogs do Americans devour on Independence Day?¬†

  • A) 1 million¬†

  • B) 50 million¬†

  • C) 150 million¬†

  • D) Enough to circle the Earth twice!¬†

5. Birth of a President 

ūüĒć Question: Which U.S. president was born on the Fourth of July?¬†

  • A) Abraham Lincoln¬†

  • B) Calvin Coolidge¬†

  • C) Teddy Roosevelt¬†

  • D) George W. Bush¬†

6. First Official Celebration 

ūüĒć Question: Which city hosted the first official Independence Day celebration on July 4, 1777?¬†

  • A) Boston, Massachusetts¬†

  • B) New York City, New York¬†

  • C) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania¬†

  • D) Charleston, South Carolina¬†

7. State Holiday Pioneer 

ūüĒć Question: What was the first state to declare the 4th of July a state holiday?¬†

  • A) Massachusetts¬†

  • B) Virginia¬†

  • C) New York¬†

  • D) Rhode Island¬†

8. National Holiday Declaration 

ūüĒć Question: In what year was the 4th of July declared a national holiday?¬†

  • A) 1776¬†

  • B) 1801¬†

  • C) 1870¬†

  • D) 1900¬†

9. Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest¬†

ūüĒć Question: Where does the famous Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest take place on Independence Day?¬†

A) Chicago, Illinois 

B) Coney Island, New York 

C) Los Angeles, California 

D) Miami, Florida 

10. Cookout and costs

ūüĒć Question: How much money does the average person spend on food for a 4th of July celebration?¬†

A) 76.24 

B)  90.42 

C) 127.55 

D) 153. 60 

Bonus: According to one survey by the National Retail Association, what percentage of American consumers plan to celebrate the 4th of July? 

  1. 28% 

  1. 45% 

  1. 64% 

  1. 87% 

How did you do?

Check out the answers below to see how much you know about this much-loved summer holiday.   

Whether you aced it or learned something new, remember that Independence Day isn’t just about fireworks; it’s about celebrating the spirit of freedom and unity, living in a country where we’re free to express opinions and worship as we choose.¬†

Turn on the grill. Grab your cooler. Gather with friends and family to raise your hot dog, watch fireworks, and let the stars and stripes shine! ūüĆüūüĆ≠ūüéᬆ

ServiceOne and the 4th of July  

ServiceOne knows that the 4th of July can be a hot, muggy day. We also know that many of us entertain with family gatherings and parties on this day.  

If your air conditioning should suddenly stop working, or if your plumbing goes haywire, don’t worry. ¬†

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  1. C) John Hancock 

  1. C) John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe 

  1. B) 13 times – one for each original colony.¬† *Note that because of the age of the Liberty Bell, it is “tapped,” and not rung!¬†¬†

  1. C) 150 million 

  1. B) Calvin Coolidge 

  1. C) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

  1. A) Massachusetts 

  1. C) 1870 

  1. B) Coney Island, New York 

  1. B) 90.42 
    Bonus:  D) 87% 

Enjoy the day!

Most of America celebrates in some way on the 4th of July. Whether you have a cookout, go to a fireworks display, watch a history documentary, or do something out of the ordinary, we hope you enjoy your day!


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