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Blogs from June, 2021

One Surprising Way You Might Be Sabotaging Your Own Air Conditioner

rain pouring from roof onto AC


A Riddle

Here’s a ten-thousand-dollar riddle….(Or however many thousands of dollars your air conditioning system cost you.)

What’s the connection between the guttering on your house and your air conditioner’s performance?

You may think I’m crazy posing such a question, to begin with.

But think about it.

At first, you might believe that there’s no connection between guttering and air conditioning at all.

Guttering sits at the top of your home. Your air conditioner sits on the ground.

One is skinny and bendable. One is wide and rigid.

They function in totally different ways.

Gutters collect and direct moisture that falls from the sky. Air conditioners pull humidity from the air and expel it as water, sending it drip by drip via a drain line back to the earth.

So what could possibly be the link between two such different kinds of equipment in totally different areas of your home? 

You’ve heard the phrase, “Location. Location. Location”?

The Answer to the Riddle

Combine “location” with water, and you’ve got your answer.

old air conditioner

If your gutters are gone, or if they’re bent, damaged, or disconnected, you might be doing irreparable harm to your own air conditioner.

Don’t get me wrong.

This doesn’t happen often, but it DOES happen, as one of our ServiceOne Techs found out.

You may think this is a freak of nature, occurring once during a massive storm.

But nope. It’s not a freak of nature, just a leak of naturing occurring every time it rains.

No kind of equipment, no matter how sturdily made, can withstand water pouring directly into it time after time after time!

Check your guttering for leaks, bends, and breaks

Better yet, call us at ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing so you won’t have to wander around in the rain looking for a glitch in your guttering. Let our certified, professional plumbers and techs take care of any heating, air conditioning, plumbing, or drain problems you have.

We can take care of you, keeping your minds out of the gutter!


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