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Why You Should Consider a WiFi Thermostat: Four Fantastic Reasons

man on couch using wifi thermostat

Wifi Thermostat

The evolution of the thermostat

Thermostats have come a long, long way from those old, dome-shaped, devices where you dialed a temperature and set a red plastic prong to mark the desired setting.

Manual rotary dial thermostats have gone the way of pay phone booths. For good reason.

Modern WiFi thermostats offer tremendous benefits to any homeowner. They save you money. They give you immediate comfort. They have screens that can match your décor, display your pictures, or remind you to change their filters. You can even talk to them and they obey your command.

Here are four fantastic reasons to consider a WiFi thermostat.


Imagine this. It’s 92 degrees outside with a heat index of 103. Your thermostat is set at a cost-efficient 76 degrees while you’re gone. Today, all you can think about is rushing home to get cool, and you can’t do it at 76 degrees.

If you had a WiFi thermostat, all you would have to do is adjust the temperature in your house down to a lower temperature before you start your journey home. By the time you arrive, the house will be cool and you can be comfortable immediately.

Or think about those days in the winter when you haven’t been able to get warm. The cold, damp Florida air has seeped into your joints, but you’ve lowered your thermostat to save money while you’re at work.

If you had a WiFi thermostat, all you’d have to do is crank up the temperature on your app, and by the time your commute is over, your house would be warm and welcoming, ready to take the chill out of your bones.

A WiFi thermostat makes your comfort immediate.


It’s been a long, hard day and your legs are tired. You finally stretch out on the couch, feet up, ready to kick back and unwind when you realize that you’re chilly. The last thing you want to do is get up and get on your feet again.

Or what if you’ve cuddled up on the sofa with your partner ready to enjoy a movie and some popcorn? Suddenly, the extra body heat of a person sitting close to you is making your temperature rise. Don’t ruin the moment by having to jump up, run to the nearest thermostat, and crank it down a few degrees.

If you have a WiFi thermostat, you can adjust the temperature without even moving. No getting up, walking across the room, and then trying to settle into the perfect position again.

WiFi thermostats work no matter how far away you are from the thermostat. Download the appropriate app, and you can adjust the temperature of your house from any smart phone, computer, or table no matter where you are in the world. Whether you’re in the house or whether you’re in an office far from home, a WiFi thermostat offers the convenience of easily setting the temperature.

What a boon for travelers!

If you’re gone for long periods of time but are watching your local weather, you can adjust your home’s temperature settings no matter where you are in the world. Never again will you have plants that die from a house that got too hot.


Yes, WiFi thermostats make your life easier and put you in your comfort zone faster, but that doesn’t mean they cost a fortune.

ServiceOne is proud to offer some of the best rated WiFi thermostats in the industry. We install contractor-grade Honeywell thermostats ain a range of truly affordable prices. Not only are WiFi thermostats reasonably priced, you’ll make money back by installing them.

Industry standards suggest that installing a Honeywell WiFi thermostat can reduce utility bills by $88. Accurate programming has reduced costs by almost $200 annually. If you want to see how much you might save with a WiFi thermostat, check out this Honeywell energy savings calculator.

Special Savings:

Now through the end of June, ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing is offering $25.00 off a WiFi thermostat. Check it out on our Specials page of our website.


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