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Blogs from November, 2021

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7 Tips to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

We live in an era where almost everything is just the push of a button away, and as a result, more people are spending a significant amount of time indoors. While this way of life does have its perks, many are unaware that the indoor air quality of their homes can be even more polluted than the largest and most industrialized cities.

Down below, we have given you some tips on how to vastly improve the air quality of your home.

Get an Air Purification System

Cleaning all your home’s dust and pollen particles is nearly impossible; this is due to the fact that those particles can be microscopic in size. By adding a quality air purifier to your home, you can trap as much as 99.97% of pollutants that are 0.3 microns or larger.

There are two types of air purifiers, passive and active. Passive purifiers utilize an internal fan to suck in dirty air; the air is then sent to the filter inside. The filter captures the tainted particles; then, a fan cycles the clean air into the home. Active purifiers can launch negative ions into the air causing airborne particles to stick to surfaces.

Stop Using a Wood Burning Stove

While a wood-burning stove may look nice and warm the house, it can severely hurt your home’s air quality. Wood-burners emit smoke that carries fine particles, which can damage lung tissue, worsen asthma symptoms, trigger heart attacks, and even cause a stroke.

Instead of a wood-burning stove, use electric fires or period-style radiators, which will give you the same aesthetic without the pollution.

Manage the Humidity

The climate in Orlando is often hot and humid, which can be trouble for those with respiratory illnesses. Controlling the humidity is essential to fighting mold and mildew, which can cause allergies and asthma.

Dehumidifiers are a great way to reduce the moisture in the air and stop the growth of irritating molds.

Clean Your Carpets and Rugs

Did you know that carpets and rugs can catch dust and other particles in their fibers? It’s true! By cleaning floor coverings regularly, not only will your home look great, but its air quality will improve as well.

Open the Windows

The most cost-effective way to improve your home’s air quality is also the simplest: opening your windows. Opening your windows is a great way to let fresh oxygen in and flush out air pollutants, as well as reduce the humidity needed for dust mites to survive.

Orlando is home to a relatively moderate climate, so you should be able to implore this method year-round without worrying too much about your heating bill.

Dust and Vacuum Your Home

Vacuuming and dusting your home is a great way to get rid of dust, pollen, and pet hair. These respiratory irritants can build up fast, so it is best to clean your home regularly.

Check Your Filters

It is imperative to have the air filters on your heating and air conditioning systems routinely cleaned. Filters should be checked monthly and dirty filters should be changed ASAP.

While these systems are cycling through air, they’re also filtering out some of those pesky air pollutants. Eventually, the air filters in these systems will fill up, stopping them from filtering pollutants and making it harder for your heating and cooling system to do its job.

You can hire experienced technicians, like the ones at ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing, to inspect your indoor air and recommend maintenance options.

Put Your Mind at Ease

At ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing, our professional team can conduct a thorough indoor air quality inspection to help give your family the peace of mind it deserves. Call us at (407) 499-8333 to test your indoor air today!


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