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How Your AC Can Now Kill COVID. True, Proven Facts

COVID virus

Covid Virus

In spite of how much we try to manage our situations, our schedules, our stress levels, and our surroundings, sometimes the world has a mind of its own.

Nothing has been more clear in the last two years with the impact of a COVID-19, a global pandemic that has impacted all of us. It’s no surprise that since Florida is literally a hotspot of entertainment, travel, tourism, and climate, that it’s also a hotspot for the Coronavirus.

Please hear me. It doesn’t matter about what you do for a living, what your stance is on vaccinations, masks, or sending your children to school.

Because you have a tool at your disposal that has been proven to kill COVID germs. True, proven studies. No hype. No hysteria. No lie.

Your air conditioner can now kill COVID.

A Simple Process

Ever sucked on a Zinc tablet or taken extra Vitamin C when you feel a cold coming on?

Do you gargle when you get a sore throat, hoping to kill the germs?

Have you ever poured Hydrogen Peroxide over a wound so you could fizzle away germs and bacteria?

If the answer to any of these preventative measures is “yes,” then you will understand the value in constantly cleansing the air in your home, infusing the air with a low level of naturally safe hydrogen peroxide that kills germs including the troublesome COVID and its variants that just won’t leave us alone.

You need a REME Halo installed into your air conditioner.


Because science has proven that the use of a REME Halo LED kills 99.9% of COVID germs within your home.

The efficacy of the HALO is so important and newsworthy. Check out this video from the nightly news.

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How It Works

The REME Halo is installed by a licensed HVAC professional. It’s a tubular device that is inserted into your existing air conditioning or heating system air ducts where it can work its wonders.

REME stands for Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy Technology. In a nutshell, the REME Halo is an active system, working all the time. Instead of relying solely on filters to take germs and dust out of the air, the Halo constantly ionizes low levels of naturally safe hydrogen peroxide into the air, killing COVID and all kinds of other viruses and bacteria.

The FDA has declared that hydrogen peroxide is a safe and effective weapon against germs for humans. (The only warning the FDA has against Hydrogen Peroxide is that you can’t drink it, and I don’t think there are any worries there!)

Think of this misting of your air with hydrogen peroxide like gargling for your home, a constant cleansing of the air you breathe, making you safer and healthier.

True, Proven Facts

Don’t get me wrong. I know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

A study done by Bioanalysis Laboratories, an independent lab in California, proved that the risk of person-to-person infection through respiratory and aerosol spread was almost ZERO if a Halo-LED was used in an air conditioner.

The COVID virus was reduced by 99.9%. It simply didn’t exist in the home anymore.

If you think this is hype, watch the explanation:

The head of RGF Environmental Group, Inc, says this:

“In our New Normal, the public deserves the confidence of Indoor Air Quality solutions that are backed by science. This study proves the efficacy of one of our flagship products. From restaurants to schools and places of business, RGF’s REME HALO® is a tested and proven solution that provides the peace of mind needed to get America” going again."

A Viable, Safe Tool for Homeowners in the Battle Against COVID

Believe it or not, this one-time purchase can drastically improve your health and kill COVID germs around you. Because the REME Halo works all the time, it is removing viruses and bacteria from the air. Anything that comes off your hands, your clothes, your pets…any droplets that come out of your mouth or nose….any spray put into the air by talking, shouting, or singing is disinfected by the unseen hydrogen peroxide that purifies every breath you take.

Best of all, the REME HALO is affordable, especially in light of the long-term benefits it provides. New installs and insertion into existing systems usually run between $1100-$1500.

Seems like a small price to pay to rid yourself of worry and stay healthy in our COVID-era world!

ServiceOne can also provide you with a portable HALO so you can take it on vacations and use it in hotel rooms or rentals. Small units for your car are also available. Just talk to us about your needs.

Call ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing today to start your COVID-killing daily regime. You’ll definitely feel better knowing that you are protecting your family and yourself.


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