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Blogs from August, 2022

Your Tap Water is Safe, Clean, and Uncontaminated. Right?

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Water Filtration

Your tap water is absolutely clean, safe, and uncontaminated. Right?

Everyday you turn on your tap water. In the kitchen, you turn on the faucet and fill a pan with water to boil eggs or corn on the cob. You rinse dishes or wash your hands with it. In the bathroom, you shower and brush your teeth with it.

You may take a big gulp of your tap water when you’re thirsty or use it to swallow your morning vitamins.

You assume that your tap water is absolutely clean, safe, and uncontaminated.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. That assumption may not be correct.

Water quality is an issue across the United States

The national state of the water infrastructure needs work. Many of the pipes are aging and breaking, resulting in 240,000 water main breaks per year. Many of those aging pipes are made of lead.

The last time the Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA) addressed safety standards in our water was twenty-two years ago. In 2000, they lowered the acceptable amount of uranium levels, but nothing else changed.

Not only has it been more than two decades since the EPA reviewed “acceptable” levels of chemicals in our tap water, but some elements haven’t been updated for more than 50 years. The maximum contaminant level (MCL) for nitrates in our water hasn’t been changed since 1962!

“Safe” vs “Healthy”

Sad to say, but the “Maximum Containment Level” of chemicals allowed by the EPA to be “safe,” does NOT match the numbers that experts in the health field have come up with. In fact, the EPA sets legal limits of some chemicals that is often hundreds of times HIGHER than health officials have determined to be safe.

Even when the EPA does monitor contaminants in the water, they don’t monitor or set guidelines on many of the modern-day chemicals found in tap water like P-FAS (Pre and Polyfluoroalkyl)

“324 contaminants detected by local utilities’ tests are found at levels that may be legal under EPA’s SDWA standards or state regulations – though they far exceed levels authoritative scientific studies have found to pose health risks.” – Environmental Working Group

You may be thinking, “what’s the big deal about a few chemicals floating around in my drinking water?”

The big deal is that science has shown that many of these chemicals are linked to decreased fertility and increased risk of cancer.

Why Aren’t We Fixing the Problem?

If having chemicals in our water is that big of an issue, why aren’t we fixing the problem?

Fixing the quality of our tap water to guarantee that it’s safe, clean, and uncontaminated is harder than you think. I was overwhelmed by the statistics:

  • We have over 1.2 MILLION MILES of water mains across the U.S.
  • For every mile of existing interstate highway, there are 26 miles of water main
  • 14,478 Publicly Owned Treatment Works (POTW) facilities exist
  • 5,200 Community Water Systems exist
  • 21,000 Not for Profit Water System exist
  • The American Water Works Association calculates that it would cost more than ONE TRILLION dollars over the next twenty-five years to replace the aging drinking water pipes alone. That figure doesn’t count updating the treatment plants themselves, or fixing sewers and stormwater drains.

Can you imagine trying to manage a project like that?

Find out about your water

Are you wondering about the quality of the water where you live?

It’s worth knowing.

Here is a link where you can search for the number of contaminants in your local water system.

Just enter your zip code:

Environmental Working Group Tap Water Database

Here’s the good news about safe, clean, uncontaminated tap water

You can have tap water that is guaranteed to be safe, clean, and uncontaminated.

You can protect your family from the chance of serious health issues.

You can have the “best cold glass of water on the planet!”

Halo 5 Whole House Water Filtration System guarantees clean, safe, uncontaminated tap water from every faucet in your house! It removes heavy metals, chlorine, dyes, pesticides, fuels, and pesticides from your water.

It eliminates any funky smells, prevents scales and corrosion from forming in your washer and dishwasher, and softens your water.

Certified by the Water Quality Association, the Halo 5 whole house water filtration system is completely maintenance free and guaranteed for ten years with a limited LIFETIME warranty!

More good news…

Did you know that on average, an American citizen consumes more than 42 gallons of bottled water a year, and that number is rising?

Did you know that bottled water is now the number one beverage in the United States?

Did you know that Americans spend $31 BILLION dollars a year on bottled water?

More good news: You won’t have to spend another penny on bottled water because you’ll have the best tasting water on the planet right at your fingertips.

If I have to be the bearer of bad news about water quality, I want to give you LOTS of good news to balance it out!

The best news of all…

During the month of August 2022, ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing is giving you a huge, incredible BIG DEAL.

Get $500 OFF the installation of a Halo 5 Whole House Water Filtration System.

No kidding!

We care about your comfort, but we also care about your safety and well-being.

Call us about your new Halo 5 water filtration system.


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