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Five Fantastic Reasons To Get a Mini-Split, Ductless Air Conditioner

woman enjoying mini-split air conditioner

air coming out of a ductless mini-split

Definition of Mini-Split

“What’s a mini-split?” It’s a frequent question people ask us. In the industry, it’s a common term and we sometimes take it for granted that you know what we’re talking about.

But I get it. “Mini-split” is a bit of a strange term unless you think like a heating and air conditioning specialist! Does the phrase “mini-split” call to mind a banana split and leaving you longing for ice-cream? Or maybe it makes you remember a split-second decision, a time when you split hairs in a discussion, or the pain of a splitting headache?

Believe me. It’s nothing like that.

A “mini-split” is just another name for a ductless air conditioning system. The term makes more sense if you divide it into two words:

  • The word “mini” is used because the unit in each room is a miniature version of a traditional air conditioning system.
  • The word “split” is used because it’s a two-part system located in two different places: the indoor portion is an air handler positioned inside a room. The outdoor portion is a condenser/compressor unit.

History of the Mini-Split

In 1950s Japan, Toshiba and Mitsubishi developed a mini-split air conditioning system, perfect for the tiny apartments and home common in the country.

Then Daikin Industries took the single zone mini-split and engineered it into a multi-zone system. Today in the United States, mini-split systems are becoming more and more popular for multiple reasons. They’re ductless, and they are absolutely GREAT in certain conditions.

Five Fantastic Reasons to Get a Mini-Split, Ductless Air Conditioner:

Controls hot and cold spots

Do you have a room in your house that is always too hot or always too cold no matter how comfortable the rest of the house is? Usually, it’s because those rooms are shaped in a way that prevents good air flow. Not enough air vents, copious exposure to the sun, or lack of light are factors that may create hot or old spots.

Ductless systems are designed to create the perfect temperature in any room. If you have a cold area, you can install a mini-split and heat the space. If you have a room that’s always hot, you can use the mini-split as an air conditioner.

You can achieve whatever room temperature wherever you want it with a mini-split.

Old construction. New construction.

Precisely because they are ductless, mini-split systems are easy to install. You can install one in an older home for a specific area, and you don’t have to have massive renovation.

Smaller houses, tiny homes, and studio apartments are perfect settings for mini-split systems. Most structures of less than 2000 feet can be efficiently heated with a ductless unit.

One advantage of the mini-split system is that the outside unit can be a long way from the individual inside room unit…Lines can be run in any direction up to fifty feet away.

Energy Efficient

Ductless systems are super energy efficient for a couple of reasons. First, in traditional central systems where air is pushed through ductwork, there is always leakage. A little air always seeps out of the seams of the ductwork.

Second, ductless systems have a higher SEER rating. A SEER rating is the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. Basically, SEER means how much energy and money a unit will use in a year. The higher the rating, the more efficient and the lower the cost of running the unit.

Traditional central heating and air conditioning systems have SEER ratings of up to 21.

Ductless systems, however, are rated up to 27 SEER, a significant cost savings in the long run.

Great Design and Functionality

The inside portion of a mini-split, the air-handling part, can be installed into a room in any one of different ways. You can mount the unit on a wall. You can have a standing floor unit. You can install units in the ceiling.

Daikin Industries mini-split system has won awards for its indoor unit designs.

Multiple Room Units on One Air Compressor/Condenser

One of the great things about the new mini-split systems is that you can put units not just in one area, but in MULTIPLE areas – and they all connect to just ONE outside unit!

Daikin’s mini-split systems, our most commonly requested and installed units, can handle up to eight inside units connected to just one compressor.

Questions? Call us!

People are loving their mini-split, ductless air conditioning systems! Call us with questions. We’ll be happy to listen to your needs and discuss options with you.

ServiceOne is here to help.

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