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An HVAC Maintenance Plan is a Very Smart Decision: Three Reasons Why

smiling couple looking at maintenance agreement

smiling couple looking at maintenance agreement

An HVAC Maintenance Plan is a Very Smart Decision: Three Reasons Why

Have you wondered if an HVAC maintenance plan is a smart decision?

Don’t wonder anymore. The answer is absolutely, definitively, undeniably “YES!”

An investment in one of the most important systems in your house is a very smart decision, and I’m not just saying that because I own an air conditioning company. I’m saying it because it’s true based on three big reasons:

1) Centuries of history prove it.

2) Affordability and convenience matter.

3) Comfort is critical to health and well-being.

Join the Club!

There are lots of different kinds of clubs. Golf clubs. Book clubs. Country clubs. Clean-plate clubs.

One of the best, and most inclusive, is ClubOne, a subscription HVAC plan from ServiceOne that provides regular, routine maintenance on your system. Not only does it provide scheduled care, but it also gives you discounts on labor and equipment, eliminates overtime charges, and puts you at the Head-of-the-Line when you need service.

ClubOne membership performs a minimum of thirty-three services (33!) on your system two times per year, routine maintenance that is proven to extend the life of your HVAC unit by up to 40% compared to people who don’t do routine maintenance. Since the average HVAC unit in Florida lasts about 10 years, this routine maintenance can increase the lifespan of your system by an additional four years!

ONE: Centuries of History Led the Way

Subscription plans are not new, and ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing certainly can’t take credit for developing the idea. But we can say that we are following in the footsteps of history.

Get this.

In 1638, the first subscription plan to protect homeowners was endorsed by King Charles I of England. For a fee, subscribers to fire insurance would be guaranteed compensation for loss of property during a fire. (Think wood-framed, thatch-roofed houses, and you’ll understand how important this innovation was.)

This subscription service for homeowners began almost FOUR HUNDRED years ago, and soon, fire and life insurance companies were popping up all over the world.

By 1700, theaters and book publishers had jumped onto the subscription model, allowing people to pay a fee and gain services. Soon, universities and scholars began offering education via lecture series only for those who paid the “membership” fee. Charities and organizations started offering “subscriptions” for people with money to contribute to causes that benefitted the underprivileged and impoverished on a continual basis.

The Modern Subscription Model

Nowadays, we’ve got Netflix and streaming monthly subscriptions. We’ve got “Book-of-the-Month (since 1926,) and other subscriptions for specialized interests, like wine or cheese connoisseurs, “foodies,” and dog lovers. (Think Winc, Blue Apron, and Bark Box.)

When subscription models started, back in 1638, they were based on collecting an annual fee upfront. In recent years, however, most subscription services have migrated to a monthly or even weekly fee, bringing us to the second reason that an HVAC maintenance plan is a very smart decision…

TWO: Affordability and Convenience Matter

Studies show that preventative maintenance reduces the risk of breakdowns by 95%. Your ClubOne membership provides the ultimate in protection for one low monthly fee.

ServiceOne is following historical precedents and the recognized powerhouses of modern commerce by creating a monthly ClubOne payment that is affordable and convenient.

For most people, it’s easier to budget a nominal monthly fee than it is to come up with a bigger, one-time amount for a whole year. It’s also more convenient to have a small cost come out of your account automatically every thirty days than it is to have a bigger, more noticeable amount come out once every twelve months. (Would you really keep track of what day the withdrawal would be made almost a year in the future?)

THREE: Comfort is Critical to Health and Well-Being

A monthly subscription to ClubOne is an investment in your health and well-being.

If you’re too hot, your productivity on any kind of work, household chores or work-from-home responsibilities, will decrease. Babies are more at risk of SIDS if they get too warm. Allergies and asthma increase if your air conditioning isn’t working correctly because the air is not being filtered efficiently.

A well-maintained HVAC system keeps us healthy and well.

Physical health is important, but so is mental health.

Isn’t it worth a small monthly fee to get guaranteed peace of mind, knowing that your heating and air-conditioning system will be kept in working order?

No worry. No stress. No mess. No hassle.

Call us to choose your ClubOne membership plan and know that you’ve made a very smart decision!


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