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girl on city street fanning herself

girl on city street fanning herself

You live in one of the coolest AND hottest cities at the same time

No doubt about it. The Orlando area is one of the coolest, hippest places to live in the country. You are just a drive away from either coast. Shopping. Dining. Golfing. Water parks. And of course, you’ve got the best entertainment and amusement parks in the world here. Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Our area is a super cool place to live.

But did you know it’s also one of the top ten hottest (temperature-wise) cities in America?

The power of air conditioning to change history

Florida is great because it never gets too cold, but the entire state is hot and humid much of the year. The warm temperatures are the reason so many people want to visit us during the winter months. Our great tourism industry and the vast expanse of population would never have happened without air conditioning…because who would want to suffer through a Florida summer without the ability to cool down?

In 1882, the electric fan was invented, and wealthy southerners and Floridians purchased fans to help keep them cool. Then history was changed in 1902 when Willis Carrier invented a condenser that cooled coils and then blew cool air over them into a warm room. The cool air pushed into the room lowered the room’s temperature, making the heat and humidity bearable. Soon businesses like movie theatres and hotels in Florida installed the equipment and advertised that they had air conditioning to draw in business.

Without air conditioning, Florida would not be the cosmopolitan, thriving state that it is today.

The hottest cities in America

So yes, we’re “cool,” but we’re also hot. Based on the average mean temperature, Orlando is number ten in the top ten hottest cities in America, and SEVEN of the cities listed are in Florida!

  • The first city on the “hottest” list is Key West, Florida with an average temperature of 78.1 degrees.
  • Key West is followed by Miami, with an average temp of 76.7 degrees.
  • The third hottest city in America is not in Florida, but in Arizona. Yuma comes in at an average of 75.3 degrees.
  • Hot cities number four and five are both in Florida: West Palm Beach, 75.3 degrees and Ft. Wayne, Fl, at 74.9 degrees.
  • Phoenix, Arizona takes the sixth spot, 74.2 average temp.
  • Brownsville, Texas comes in seventh, at 73.3 degrees.
  • Eighth, ninth, and tenth cities are all in Florida: Vero Beach – 73.2; Tampa – 73.1; and Orlando, 72.8 degrees.

The hottest place on earth

The hottest temperature recorded on earth is in the United States. In 1913, a temperature of 134 degrees Fahrenheit was recorded at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California. Since then, scientists have questioned that temperature because other data didn’t support it. However, a temperature of 129 degrees Fahrenheit was verified in Death Valley, California on June 30, 2013. The same temperature was recorded in Kuwait and Pakistan as well. 

"Hot! Hot! Hot!" to quote an old song.

The most consistently hot place in the world is Dallol, Denakil, Ethiopia, where the average daily temperature – year round - is 94 degrees.

(That makes the hot summer temperatures in Florida seem better, doesn’t it?)

What the hot Florida temperatures mean to you

We live comfortably in Florida – and draw millions of tourists to us each year – because air conditioning keeps us cool.

To keep your air conditioner in top working order, you need to give it an annual check-up. We call it a PTU, a Precision Tune-Up.

99.9% of air conditioning emergencies can be prevented by regular maintenance.

Regular maintenance also extends the lifespan of your air conditioner by as much as 40%. That means you can keep your air conditioner working for more than four years longer than if you didn’t do regular maintenance.

Call us for your PTU

ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing is proud to give you a great “checkup” for your unit at one of the best prices in the industry. The average rate for a Precision Tune-Up is $125 nationwide. ServiceOne offers it to you for just $99.

When it’s hot outside, you need to have cool inside. Call us. We can take care of you.


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