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Blogs from December, 2023

Meet Diana Rodriguez: One Dazzling, Dedicated Professional of ServiceOne

Diana, her Christmas tree, and Kanela, her Goldendoodle

Diana, her Christmas tree, and Kanela, her Goldendoodle

You may have talked to her and appreciated her beautiful, uplifting voice.

Maybe she’s helped you through the installation of a new system.

Perhaps you’ve gotten a phone call from her, or she’s taken care of a customer service request for you.

If you haven’t met Diana Rodriguez, one dazzling, dedicated professional at ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing, you’re in for a treat!

The Dazzling, Dedicated Diana

Diana Rodriguez is a dedicated professional who “dazzles” both customers and colleagues with her attention to detail, her meticulous monitoring of jobs, and her ability to plan and monitor all our installations.

You may not realize how much planning goes into each new installation, but Diana is a master at organization. One of Diana’s main jobs is to direct the flow of the jobs, from making sure that the necessary equipment is ready to go when it’s needed. She must plan the pre-installation inspections and coordinate dates with customers.

Diana is the main point of contact between the customer, vendors, and the municipalities that issue the permits. She “connects all the dots” of any job between all the parties.

While her main focus is on installation, she is not limited to that segment of the business.

More than a third of Diana’s job duties include Customer Service, always emphasizing excellent customer experiences.

Why She’s So Good at What She Does

There’s a reason Diana is so good at what she does.

She’s had a total of seventeen years in the HVAC industry, giving her an understanding of all aspects of the complicated and interconnected services necessary for a new installation or replacement job.

Her personality matches the job requirements. It takes a strong person and someone with an impeccable work ethic to make all the pieces of an installation fit together.

Ask anyone at ServiceOne, and they’ll tell you that Diana is definitely the lady who can do that!

Insights from an Experienced Install Coordinator

Diana reflects on what she loves about her work.

“The best part of my job here is feeling fulfilled
when I can get someone cool air when it’s ninety degrees outside.”

Like any job, it’s not always easy.

The hardest part of Diana’s job is working with the many municipalities she deals with every day. They all have different forms and rules we have to adhere to when applying for the required permits. It takes patience and attention to detail.

The Value of Family, Both Professionally and Personally

Diana believes that one of the best things about being part of the team at ServiceOne is that it’s a company that understands the importance of family. When an emergency or problem occurs, they are flexible with your schedule and try to help you through it.

“We’re one big family here, and that is very hard to find and very much appreciated.”

Family, both personally and professionally, is important to Diana. She’s a proud Grandmother of three: Jenson, 8, Roman 6, and little Juniper. In fact, one of her most memorable experiences with ServiceOne happened not long ago, in October of 2023 when her granddaughter, Juniper, decided to arrive early.

“I had to leave suddenly and be out a few days unexpectedly. It was so nice to know that my ServiceOne family would step in to help cover my work. They checked on us every day and let me be with my daughter and granddaughter for her early arrival into the world. For that, I will be forever grateful.”

Dazzling, Dedicated, Devoted Grandmother and Dog-Lover!

When Diana isn’t working, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her family. She has an amazing partner who supports her in everything she does, and they enjoy traveling when there’s time. Diana’s mother – who she credits with teaching her to be strong, kind, and hard-working – is an important part of Diana’s life. Her grandchildren keep her busy, and living in Orlando allows Diana to indulge in her love of everything Disney.

Dazzling, dedicated, and devoted grandmother, Diana is also a dog-lover. Kanela, her goldendoodle, makes her smile every day.

Diana will make you smile too with her conscientious, caring approach to answering your questions and solving your problems.

Prepare to be dazzled by Diana when you call ServiceOne!


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