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Meet Alfredo Raton: Project Manager at ServiceOne

Photo collage of Alfredo Raton

Photo collage of Alfredo Raton

Meet Alfredo Raton, one of the dynamic Project Managers at ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing. He brings a wealth of experience, dedication, and a heart full of compassion to his role.

Buckle up for a fun ride!

Early Beginnings: A Cuban-American Tale

Alfredo's story starts with a unique twist – his family immigrated to the United States from Cuba when he was just three years old. Baseball runs deep in their blood as both his dad and his dad's best friend were professional baseball players in Cuba. Notably, they also coached Alfredo in the States, sparking a lifelong love for the sport within the Raton family.

Baseball Adventures: From Shortstop to Grand Slams

Alfredo's passion for baseball led him to play in leagues throughout his life, primarily as a shortstop. Remarkably, he achieved an astounding nine triple plays over his baseball career!

However, his final at-bat took an unexpected turn when Alfredo hit a grand slam but ended up with a dislocated jaw. It was definitely a memorable incident and jaw-dropping experience that made for an unforgettable story.

Disco Days and Dancing for Ford

Alfredo's life isn't all about baseball. In the '70s and '80s, he added some groove to his repertoire by indulging in disco-type dancing. His moves were so captivating that he was chosen to make two commercials for Ford, dancing his way into the hearts of viewers.

From Boxing Rings to Family Time

Alfredo also had a stint as an official in professional boxing matches for over a decade. You can still see some of his matches on cable television or streaming services that feature the sport.

However, he decided to step away from the ring to spend more time with his son.

Decisions, both in the ring and out, are something that Alfredo makes with care. The choice to step away from professional boxing was a good one because it enabled him to focus on his son and his family.

“The Lord has blessed me with making good decisions.”

Political Engagement and Giving Back

Alfredo is no stranger to the world of politics. He played a pivotal role in running the Orange County Young Republican Club, transforming it from a small group of 7 members to a thriving organization of 350 in just two years. His motto, "I want to give back," resonates in his active involvement in various volunteer activities, inspired by his parents' legacy of helping others.

"Volunteering is part of my life.”

The Maitland Rotary Club, Jaycees, Parents without Partners, and mentoring young men as a role model for Dads shows Alfredo’s compassionate side. Alfredo can often be found serving meals to the hungry at his church, or ringing the bells for Salvation Army!

ServiceOne Journey: Where Integrity Meets Dedication

Alfredo joined ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing over five years ago, driven by a connection with the owner, Billy. His role as a Project Manager involves running customer meetings, preparing quotes, sizing houses, and ensuring customer satisfaction. What he loves most about ServiceOne is the opportunity to be himself and show that he genuinely cares about his work and his customers. He praises the company's integrity.

"I love the integrity of this company. We always provide what we say we will. On those rare occasions when something goes wrong, we make it right.”

He also praises the close-knit atmosphere of ServiceOne and the sense of family that permeates the workplace.

“It’s like one big family. Really. There are no cliques!”

Challenges and Compassion

Alfredo loves the diverse and interesting people he gets to meet, know, and work with when helping them find the perfect system for their families, their homes, and their budgets.

“I learn a lot from my customers!”

Despite the many rewards of his job, Alfredo acknowledges the challenges. The most heart-wrenching moments come when customers desperately need a new air conditioner but struggle to afford it. He does his utmost to find solutions, working through financing options and studying ways that he can help them accommodate the needs of their family.

The Collaborative Spirit at ServiceOne

Alfredo admires the dedication and problem-solving abilities of his colleagues, particularly John Nazarchyk, who always has a solution up his sleeve. The teamwork at ServiceOne shines, even in complex situations like managing work on a downtown commercial building. Alfredo recalls,

"Once John N. was able to figure out how we could do work on a commercial building downtown. The work was complicated by lots of trees, heavy traffic, and a large sewer pipe on the property. John figured out how to have a crane parked farther away, and how to do the work on a Sunday morning."

The Personal Side: Meet the Family

Alfredo's devotion extends to his family, where he cherishes his two sons, Ryan and Alex, aged 26 and 23, respectively. His commitment to family values is evident both at work, at home, at church, and in the community. Alfredo found and married the love of his life, Karen, last year. 

Alfredo Raton's life is an inspiring blend of sportsmanship, dance, politics, and a deep commitment to family and community. His journey at ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing reflects the values of integrity, dedication, and compassion that make him a true asset to the company.

Alfredo's story reminds us that life is an incredible adventure, and with a little groove and a lot of heart, you can make it a grand slam!


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