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ServiceOne Offers 10 Straight Answers to Common Questions About Mini-Splits

Couple sitting on couch under a mini-split unit

couple sitting on couch under mini-split system

ONE: What exactly is a “mini-split?”

A mini-split sounds like some fancy cheerleading move, a temporary halt of a relationship, or a rip in your jeans that is just getting started.

But it’s none of that.

A mini-split is a revolutionary kind of ductless air conditioning and heating system that’s taking the world by storm.

A mini-split is a ductless air conditioning and heating system that comes in two distinct parts: a small (mini) air handling unit that is placed in a specific room, and an outside condenser unit.

TWO: How are mini-slits different from central air systems?

Mini-splits are different from central air conditioning systems for a number of reasons. Firstly, they don't require any ductwork. This means that they can be installed in existing structures without the need for massive renovation and construction of ductwork in the ceilings. Secondly, they allow for temperature adjustment in individual areas of the home, making it easy for you to customize each room’s temperature based on your preferences.

THREE: How popular are mini-splits in today’s market?

The short answer is this:

Mini-split systems are wildly popular.

In the last ten years, sales have increased by 50%.

Because of the many benefits they offer, sales of ductless systems are expected to continue to climb.

FOUR: How are mini-splits installed?

The big advantage of mini-splits is that they are installed into existing structures and do not have to have ductwork built into ceilings.

Mini-splits work differently than central air systems.

Ductless, mini-splits push cooled air through small conduit tubes. These small tubes connect the condenser unit directly to the inside unit, requiring only minimal labor for the mounting of the units, drilling very small holes for the conduit tubes, and installing the outdoor condenser.

A single mini-split unit can be installed in hours.

If you are adding units to more than one room, the installation may take several days, but far less time and less mess than a total renovation needed to install a central air system.

FIVE: Why are mini-splits energy efficient?

Because they transport the air through small tubes that don’t have the chance of air leaks that ductwork does, mini-splits are more energy efficient than central air.

Mini-splits can have SEER ratings of up to 30. The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit will be. The more efficient a unit is, the less money you’ll spend on utilities.

(A SEER rating is a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. It’s a measurement of how much it costs to get your air to the desired temperature over a certain amount of time. Think of it like a “miles per gallon” rating for your air conditioner.)

SIX: Are mini-splits NEW?

If you’re worried that mini-splits are too new to be trusted, let me reassure you.

Mini-splits have been around for a long time. More than seventy years, in fact.

The units were first developed in the 1950s by Daikin, Mitsubishi, and Toshiba who were looking for better technology to heat and cool smaller homes being built at the time.

Since then, the technology has continued to evolve, resulting in amazing, high-performance, super-efficient units that bring the perfect temperature to each room of your home.

SEVEN: Do mini-splits heat rooms, too?

You bet.

One of the great things about mini-split, ductless systems is that they are dual-purpose.

One unit can either heat or cool a room.

No matter where you live. No matter what season it is. No matter what time of day.

A mini-split quickly and quietly delivers the perfect temperature.

EIGHT: How quiet IS a mini-split compared to other systems?

Mini-splits are extremely quiet.

The condenser unit is outside of the home, so even a low hum is not heard inside.

The individual room units, also, are much quieter than central air or a window unit.

The decibel rating of a mini-split unit is only 32.

Window units and central air have decibel ratings between 50 and 78!

There’s at least an 18-40 decibel difference between a mini-split and other kinds of unit.

In a noisy, modern world, it’s good to have peace and quiet when you come home. (No one really wants to listen to the whirring of an electric motor cycling on and off, making you adjust the volume of your television.)

NINE: What does “zoned comfort” mean?

If you’ve read anything about mini-splits, you might have seen the term “zoned comfort.”

Zoned comfort means the ability to apply different heating and cooling requirements to different areas of the home.

With most central air conditioning systems, you set one temperature for the whole house.

With mini-split systems, you can adjust the temperature for each room where there’s a ductless unit.

  • If you like your bedroom to be significantly cooler than the rest of the home, it’s no problem if you have a mini-split unit.
  • If you have a room that you like to be significantly warmer than the rest of the home – like a bathroom or a nursery – it’s no problem if you have a mini-split.
  • If you have a guest room that is rarely used, a mini-split only heats or cools the room when someone is in there.

(Some mini-split systems even have motion sensors so that it kicks on when a person enters the room, and they can be combined with smart thermostats.)

The great advantage of zoned comfort is the cost savings! If you are not heating or cooling a room when no one is in it, you’re saving money. If you can adjust the temperature in a room that is not currently in use, you’ll save money, too.

TEN: What do mini-splits look like?

Mini-splits are much more svelte and sophisticated than they used to be.

Relatively small and box-like, mini-splits average about 24” x 29” x 8.5”. They can be hung on a wall or mounted on a ceiling or floor.

Manufacturers are now beginning to make them in different colors of white, gray, or black so that they blend in with your décor.

Good news for homeowners

Daikin Industries is currently the largest producer of mini-split, ductless systems. Units are manufactured in the United States in their new facility in Texas.

Now, through March 31, 2023, Daikin is offering $500 OFF on a Sky-Air mini-split system.

Don’t miss out on this wildly popular innovation for homeowners.

Call us if you would like a quote or if you have more questions. The team at ServiceOne is here to help!


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