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Blogs from February, 2023

woman at thermostat; thermostat asks if they can talk

woman at thermostat; thermostat asks if they could talk

Sometimes, I think we undervalue real conversation. We’re always on our phones, running from meeting to meeting, throwing around quick texts and fast emails. But we don’t always talk and listen to those around us.

We’re like those ships that pass in the night, grabbing fast food on the way to the next meeting without ever having time to slow down and really listen to each other.

If it’s hard to take a few minutes to talk to our colleagues, friends, and family, it’s even harder to take the time to pay attention to what your air conditioner might be telling you.

But believe me, your air conditioner is hoping to get your attention, patiently awaiting the time when you take a few moments to hear what it has to say.

You should definitely give it some time.

Here are five important statements your air conditioner might make if you listen.

ONE: “Hi, My name is…”

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Homer. My sole purpose in life is to keep you comfortable, and my whole identity is wrapped up in keeping you happy. I’ll do whatever you tell me to. Crank up the cool. Turn up the heat. I can obey your comfort commands and adjust your home’s temperature at any time by responding to those handy apps that control my thermostat.

And guess what? I’m the friendliest kind of household appliance. All I really want is to serve you and develop a long-term relationship that makes us both happy well into my old age.

All we need to do is communicate a bit. If we can chat occasionally, I’ve got some helpful hints for you and some important knowledge to pass along about how to keep us operating smoothly year after year with the least expense and maximum performance.

TWO: “Help! I’m suffocating!”

My maker told me never to complain and to work as long as I can, as hard as I possibly can, no matter what.

But I have to tell you that it’s hard to do when I’m suffocating.

I’m all stuffed up and wheezing because I can’t pull air in through that filthy filter. Every little gasp of air I can draw in is filled with dust, dander, and microbes, and then I have to puff some of that back out to you. (I HATE it when that happens!)

Really. Is it too much to ask to get you to change my filter once in a while? Every month would be ideal, but it would be a welcome relief if you could do it even every two or three months. I know that it’s easy to forget, but I can’t keep you healthy if I’m all filled with germs!

Since my sole purpose in life is to keep you comfortable and do the best possible job for you, I need to explain that changing my filter will save you money.

That’s right.

Cold, hard cash.

If you change my filter even once every three months, the Department of Energy says that you will save $150 bucks a year and reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 15%.

I can keep you cooler, warmer, healthier, and wealthier if you just change my filter.

Do you hear what I’m saying?

THREE: I don’t want to scream to get your attention

I am really sorry when I rattle, clank, whir and whine like a rusty chainsaw. It’s only because something is going wrong.

You know how you feel when your arthritis is acting up, or you’ve pulled a muscle, or a joint is out of whack?

When a bolt is loose or a wire is rubbing somewhere inside of me, I am noisy. (All that commotion is like screaming at you to get your attention, and I HATE that.) I apologize for creating a distraction to your nice, quiet day. Since I’m the strong silent type, this ruckus drives me crazy and makes me feel bad about my ability to serve you.

Can you please get me a check-up?

FOUR: I’m FREEZING! Literally.

Let me tell you. Keeping you cool is hot, sweaty work for me, but sometimes I go into overdrive and actually freeze myself up. (Think of an ice cream headache for your entire body!)

It may seem crazy that I’m telling you I’m freezing on a blistering hot day, but it happens.

My job requires that I pull heat out of the air and send it to my condenser where the heat goes into coils filled with refrigerant. Those coils cool the heat and send it as moisture to the outside.

But if I don’t have enough warm air circulating around those super cold, refrigerated coils, then they can freeze up.

If I say I’m freezing, literally, I’m not kidding. If you listen to me and go check, you’ll find ice on my condenser fins, something that happens when my drainage is blocked, my fan or thermostat is going bad, or my refrigerant is not at the right level. (Think of my refrigerant as sort of like your blood sugar. If it gets out of balance, your whole system suffers.)

Being “cool” is a good thing. Being frozen is not.

Help me. Please.

FIVE: Make it easy on us with ServiceOne's Club One maintenance plan

I love our little talks. Really, I do.

But I know you’re busy and have a billion things to do, some of them even more important than listening to old Homer, here.

So I’d be more than happy to talk to your representatives.

Make it easy on us. Enroll in ServiceOne’s Club One.

I’ve seen a lot of “deals,” but I’ve never seen a better one when it comes to keeping me running in tip-top shape.

Join Club One maintenance program, and ServiceOne’s very capable, knowledgeable techs will check on me twice a year, listening to my input and giving me the best care available. Many of my friends have raved about the compassionate, skilled ServiceOne techs and their willingness to help them, so I know they are the real deal.

Before you rush off...

Thanks for taking the time to chat. It means a lot to me that you listen, and I promise that I’ll never blow hot air just for the sake of conversation.

Nice talking to you. Truly. It made my day.

Now I’m going back to pursue my passion: keeping you cool and comfortable every day of my life.


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