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Blogs from February, 2013

UV Lighting Kills Germs in Your Home’s Air


Improve the air quality inside your home by investing in UV lighting air cleaners. These systems are highly effective at killing airborne mold and bacteria as it moves through your central HVAC system. Service One Air Conditioning offers UV light systems to kill bacteria and leave the air in your home as clean as possible.

A Healthier Home

UV lighting is used in special systems to kill viruses, mold, and bacteria drifting through your home. Caught up in the central air system, these particles will pass through special boxes fitted with UV lights. The lights kill dangerous pathogens so they will not move back into your living spaces and have the chance to make your family sick.

Treatment for the Entire Home

Attached to your Longwood air conditioning system, these UV units treat the air throughout your home. Unlike portable models that treat one room, HVAC purifiers will treat the air for your entire house to improve indoor air quality and make it easier for the entire family to breathe. From the living room to the smallest bedroom, the air throughout your home will be cleaner, safer, and better for to breathe.

Capturing the Smallest Organisms

Standard air filters are unable to capture and filter small organisms like bacteria and mold spores. Moving freely throughout your home via the duct system, the central blower can actually scatter bacteria pulled out of one room throughout the rest of your home. With a UV purifier, those microorganisms are killed and eliminated before they can be sent through the rest of your house.

Two Different Styles

Our UV lighting options come in two styles. Choose between:

  • a germicidal purifier that kills airborne mold and bacteria in the home and will work throughout the year
  • coil-mounted UV lights that will kill mold found in the cooling coil condensate drain pan to protect your home from the dangers of mold

When you are ready to improve the air quality in your home, trust Service One Air Conditioning to provide you with the high quality air purifiers you need. We can install the systems on your existing unit, and we offer all necessary maintenance to keep these purifiers operating properly. Call our team today at (407) 499-8333 and ask us about how we can better protect your home and family from illness.


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