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Blogs from March, 2013

Climate Change in the American Mind

climate change

As more information comes to light about climate change, people’s attitudes regarding the phenomenon appear to be changing. As evidenced by this infographic, more people believe in the concept of global warming than ever. For a long time, the theory didn’t hold a lot of weight for most people, but strange weather patterns and other real-life experiences seem to be prompting many to change their minds about the issue.

About the Infographic

The following infographic clearly and easily conveys current public opinion about global warming. It shows that people are more worried about global warming than ever and that fewer people think they will ever change their mind about the topic.

Climate Change Infographic

Global Warming and the Heating and Cooling Industry

There are many possible repercussions to global warming, and its effects are already being felt in the heating and cooling industry. There is a higher demand for energy-efficient homes and equipment than ever. While many people favor energy-efficient equipment for the cost savings, there are plenty of folks who simply want to do their part to help the environment.

How does climate control affect global warming? When heating and cooling equipment is inefficient, natural resources are wasted. That’s especially true for equipment like gas furnaces, which rely on non-renewable resources. As these resources are depleted, energy costs soar. It’s little wonder that many people are anxious to switch to more energy-efficient air conditioners and furnaces.

Why Does Public Opinion about Global Warming Matter?

Back when few people believed in the concept of climate change, heating and cooling companies didn’t have to focus so much on offering energy-efficient equipment. Customers were more likely to hold onto old, outdated equipment just to avoid paying for new furnaces and air conditioners. Because of the increasing acceptance of global warming as a valid concept, more people understand the benefits of switching to energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment. In turn, demand for such equipment has skyrocketed, and heating and cooling contractors have had to make such products available more readily.

Climate Control and Energy-Efficient Homes

Energy costs have gone up for many reasons, and global warming is probably one of them. In some parts of the world, higher temperatures have resulted in increased demand for air conditioning. In those places, people are spending more than ever to keep their homes cool.

Air conditioning and heating systems are used to maintain a comfortable climate in homes and businesses. Homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of using excellent insulation and sealing leaks around their homes. The less air that can escape or get into a home, the more efficient its heating and cooling system will be.


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