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Blogs from January, 2013

Deciding Between Tank & Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters differ from conventional water heaters primarily because they do not store water in large tanks. The difference in water storage method affects the average size of the units, the installation costs and procedures, and the costs to operate the appliances. Not sure whether a tankless unit will suit your needs? ServiceOne Air Conditioning can help you select the system that will suit your hot water requirements best throughout the year.

Comparing the Costs

water heater upgrade will likely save you money regardless of the type of system you choose. The initial purchase price of traditional tank systems, on average, is lower than it is for a tankless water heater. However, typical homeowners should be able to lower their Longwood heating bills with a tankless water heater because it instead heats hot water on demand.

Comparing the Processes

If you choose a heating system with a tank, it sits in one central location and serves the entire home. Cold water flows into the tank, where it is then brought up to a set temperature that you choose. The water remains in the tank until you turn on the hot water tap or another appliance calls for hot water.

With a tankless system, the heating unit sits close to the point where you will use the water. The cold water passes over the heating elements and the hot water flows to the faucet.

Tankless Benefits

An advantage of not using a tank is that you will not have to worry about mineral deposits building up in the tank and damaging it. A tankless heater can free up floor space by hanging on a wall, so you can manage your space more efficiently if you do not have to account for a large water tank.

Conventional Water Heater Benefits

You will have lower upfront costs with a traditional water heater. If you are replacing your heater, it may be less disruptive for your household to retain the existing pipe layout rather than make changes.

Still have questions about what’s best for you? Contact ServiceOne Air Conditioning today at (407) 499-8333 to review your specific water heater upgrade needs.


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