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Blogs from May, 2015

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When ServiceOne was recently approached by a long-term customer needing a complete AC overhaul, the technician in charge knew they had a unique situation on their hands.

“The homeowner had kids on one side of the house and adults on the other, each with their own temperature demands creating conflicts over the one shared thermostat,” explained Project Manager Otto Boy Jr. “Plus, their AC system was more than 20 years old and very inefficient.”

Otto met with the customer, assessed the property and devised a plan which would incorporate a custom air conditioning system. The system would be dived into two sections with two separate temperature controls. “When I met with them, they explained that their ranch-style layout made it difficult to keep the entire house comfortable,” said Otto. “I determined that they needed a two-zone system with all new ductwork and a brand-new high efficiency Trane air conditioning unit.”

Founded in 2003, ServiceOne repairs, services and maintains all makes and models of air conditioningheating, and plumbing equipment and fixtures. The company’s team of experts can also upgrade, replace, or install new air conditioning and heating units.

“I understood that there were other AC companies bidding on this work, but I knew it was a matter of listening to the customer’s needs and putting together a tailor-made solution,” said Otto. “It isn’t always about pricing, especially in Florida where our summer heat is extreme and comfort is key. Now the parents are happy because they aren’t freezing and kids are cool.”


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