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Did You Know Your Air Conditioner Has 7 Amazing Superpowers?

Super power reveal

super power reveal

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again.

We often take our air conditioners for granted…that is, until they stop working.

As someone who has had a first-hand relationship with thousands of air conditioners and heating units since I learned about them when I served in the military eons ago, I can tell you that I have the greatest respect for them – and I admire their superpowers.

Yep! Air conditioning units have 7 amazing superpowers that you need to know about!

1. Air Conditioners protect, defend, and maintain the great artworks and literary masterpieces of the world

In a world before air conditioning and heating units could maintain temperature and humidity levels, great works of art and literature often suffered damage from mildew and mold, or dryness and breakage.

We give little thought to how much modern HVAC systems have affected not just our homes, but our world. Public spaces like museums, art galleries, universities, and libraries now benefit from the superpower ability of air conditioning to protect the intellectual and creative treasures amassed through the ages.

2. Air Conditioners allow for the production and storage of drugs and medications

Pharmaceutical manufacturers have to guarantee that micro-organisms and dust are not present in the air and don’t infiltrate the drugs they’re producing. Air conditioning system push air through HEPA filters, keeping the air pure.

Air conditioning also maintains the correct temperature, air pressure, and humidity levels essential for the production of medicines.

Protecting the quality of our pharmaceuticals is surely a superpower!

3. Air Conditioners manipulate humans’ ability to tolerate heat and cold

Several hundred years ago, people were better able to handle really hot and really cold temperatures because their bodies were not acclimated to a fairly consistent temperature range that our air conditioners now provide.

Now, studies have shown that the natural human tolerance for heat has decreased over the years.

Not only have air conditioners exercised power over human tolerance for temperatures, They have also imposed power over our eating habits. Dr. Stan Cox, author of Losing Our Cool: Uncomfortable Truths About Our Air-Conditioned World, notes that air conditioning may be causing us to gain weight!

“People tend to eat more and gain more weight when the temperature is perfectly cozy.”

4. Air Conditioning’s Power Changed the Design of Homes

Have you ever walked into a historic home and been amazed at its 12-foot-tall ceilings? Did you notice the transom windows above the doors? Was there a breezeway? A sleeping porch?

In the old days, homes were built with specific designs to circulate air and keep the house cool. Nowadays, we flip the switch of an air conditioner to circulate air and don’t have to rely on opening windows and transoms to get a breeze. We don’t have to sleep on porches (Thank Goodness, since we know about the threat of mosquitoes and no-see-ums in Florida!) to keep our bodies cool.

5. Air Conditioning Has Developed Superpowers Over 2000 Years

The early Egyptians sought their own kind of air conditioning more than two millennia ago when they hung wet clothes over their doorways to moisturize and cool the air.

In 180 A.D., a Chinese engineer invented a huge fan that could be cranked to move air over large crowds.

John Gorrie in the 1830’s used ice to cool air. In the early 1900s, Willis Carrier developed a machine that blew air across cold coils.

Air conditioning has grown from the simplest of ideas to complex machines that keep us constantly comfortable. Today’s air conditioners can be turned and off via WIFI, can be scheduled to heat or cool a house to a certain temperature at any given hour, and can effectively filter the air, improving our overall health.

6. Air Conditioners Can Make Music

Don’t get me wrong. It takes a little mortal talent to make music with an air conditioner, but one of an air conditioner’s super-secret, hidden powers is its underlying vibrations.

Check out this YouTube video of a musician who pulls music from an air conditioner!

Because reading this shouldn’t be boring…

7. Air Conditioners Can Kill COVID Germs

It’s true. Air Conditioners can kill COVID germs, with a little help from a device inserted by a qualified technician. The device is a REME Halo, and it’s been proven in laboratories to decrease COVID germs by 99.9%.

Eliminating the germs that created a global pandemic is no small feat. It is, in fact, a superpower you may not have even known that your air conditioner possessed.

Call ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing to talk about harnessing the superpower of your air conditioning unit. We can install a REME Halo for you and make your home safe and healthy. We can do Precision Tune-Ups on your system before cooler temperatures hit. We can take care of plumbing problems, drain lines, and toilet issues. Whether you need a simple repair or a quote on a new system, we can help.


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