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Blogs from April, 2022

AC tech giving a thumbs up in front of AC Unit

AC tech giving a thumbs up in front of AC unitOne Important Question for You to Ask: What Exactly is a PTU?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know. Really, it’s one very important question for you to ask…

What, exactly, is a PTU?

We talk about it all the time, and we sometimes forget that you guys don’t use the same jargon as we do in the heating and air conditioning industry.

So I’m here to tell you.

A PTU is an abbreviation for a Precision Tune-Up. It’s like an annual physical for your air conditioner or an oil change for your car.

Three things a PTU has been proven to do

Research shows that taking care of your air conditioning system is an extremely smart and cost-effective practice:

  • A Precision Tune-Up has been proven to PREVENT 95% of air conditioning break-downs before they happen.
  • The life of an air conditioning system that has had systematic, routine maintenance lasts 40% longer than those units that don’t. (That’s like adding four years to the lifespan of your AC!)
  • Preventative maintenance like our PTU can lower your energy bill by 30%.

What a PTU is. Exactly.

At ServiceOne, we offer one of the most affordable PTUs in the industry. The industry average ranges between $125-$150 for a tune-up. We charge just $119!

That $119 charge covers multiple maintenance steps that only a certified technician is allowed to do. Yes, maybe you could change your own filters. (Do you?)

If we do a PTU, we’ll put in the filter you supply so you don’t have to do it, and while we’re there, we’ll do an additional TWENTY maintenance checks to keep your system in top-notch condition.

Our PTU includes these vital maintenance tasks that require special knowledge.

  • Unless you’re an electrician or a contractor, you probably don’t have voltage meters or know what to check. Even if you did, would you know what problem a change in the amperage would indicate?
  • Do you know where your float switch is and how to check it?
  • Would it be within your expertise to measure capacitors or calibrate the thermostat?

Our 20-Step Precision Tune-Up

Let us take care of you and make sure that your air conditioner is ready for the hot, sultry Florida summer by doing this twenty-step PTU.

  1. Clean and/or replace filter (customer supplied)
  2. Measure component amperage and voltage draws
  3. Monitor start-up cycle and amperages
  4. Inspect contractors, motors, relays, and electrical boards
  5. Measure all capacitors
  6. Test/inspect all safety controls
  7. Measure temperature differential
  8. Check refrigerant charge
  9. Inspect blower assembly
  10. Check proper airflow
  11. Monitor cooling cycles
  12. Adjust thermostat calibration as needed
  13. Flush drain line
  14. Lubricate moving parts
  15. Tighten loose wiring connections
  16. Check operation of float switch
  17. Clean and adjust blower assembly in place
  18. Apply self-rinsing evaporator coil cleaner
  19. Install algae tablets
  20. Adjust refrigerant pressure up to one pound

Now that you know exactly what a PTU is, CALL US!

Avoid air conditioning emergencies by getting the routine maintenance your air conditioner needs.


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