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Blogs from April, 2022

Is an air purification system worth the money? Absolutely. Here's why.

Little girl coughing in front of window

little girl coughing in front of windowIt may sound like science fiction or something out of Star Trek…a system that makes the air we breathe cleaner and safer while making us healthier.

Believe me. Air purification systems are definitely NOT science fiction. Not a gimmick, a gadget, or a gamble. They are simple devices, proven in dozens of medical and scientific studies to be effective in cleaning the air we breathe.

Think about this. Breathing is what keeps us alive. We do it every minute, every hour, every day of our lives. In fact, each day of our lives, we take over 20,000 breaths! By the time you’re fifty, you’ve sucked in more than 400 MILLION breaths.

What happens in the air you breathe in is filled with dust, mold, and viruses?

You get sick.

Making the air clean and safe is what makes an air purification system worth the money. Absolutely. Because improving your health and your thinking starts with breathing clean air.

How They Work

Air purification systems pull “bad” things out of your air. Bacteria. Mold spores. Dust. Pet Dander. Indoor toxins. All these things have adverse effects on your health.

Some systems work with a heavy-duty filter called a HEPA filter. HEPA stands for a “High-Efficiency Particulate Air filter. Basically, these systems push air through the HEPA filters which catch at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 micron.

HEPA filters are used in hospitals, medical clinics, and research labs because they are so effective at eliminating germs.

They are great, but like all filters, they MUST be changed frequently to be effective. (Changing your filters is the best way to keep your system running at maximum efficiency.) The disadvantage is that HEPA filters are extremely expensive, about five times the cost of a highly-rated MERV (Minimum Efficiency Rating Value) filter, and they have to be changed twice as often.

Indoor Toxins?

You may be shaking your head and thinking, “Indoor toxins? What are you talking about? I don’t put toxins into my home!”

Surprisingly, we all put toxins into our homes. Cleaning products contain chemicals that may linger in the air. Hair spray. Beauty products. Bug spray.

An air purification system eliminates those silent, sneaky things we put into the air without even thinking about it.

Why the REME Halo air purification system is the best option

You can get your air to the best possible quality even without expensive HEPA filters. One of the best innovations in air purifications systems absolutely worth the money is the REME Halo.

This revolutionary device is a tubular unit that is inserted into your air conditioner where it continually disperses a tiny amount of hydrogen peroxide into the air where it kills 99.9% of germs – including COVID - within your home.

People all over are talking about the REME Halo. Check out this video from the nightly news.

Each person must decide on the value of their health, but an investment of $1100-$1500 on a REME Halo makes sense. It’s a long-term, low-maintenance lifestyle improvement that works for everyone in the home. It’s invisible, powerful, and low-cost compared to major household renovations and the adverse effects of respiratory illnesses that might have been avoided.

Other Options

REME Halo air purifications are so effective – and so popular – that they are also available in portable models. You can take a small unit when you travel to rental houses and hotel rooms. They even have one that you can put in your car!

Good news about the REME Halo during April of 2022

If you order a REME Halo during the month of April, you will get to choose between a FREE Precision Tune-Up, (PTU) OR a FREE diagnostic. Both are valued at $99!

Don’t miss out on this offer.

Protect your home, your family, and the very air you breathe with the REME Halo.

Call ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing.


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