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Blogs from September, 2022

hands counting $100 bills

hand with hundred dollar bills

Next to “How often should I change my air filter?” and “Can you really clean the drain with baking soda and vinegar, one of the most common questions we get is, “Can a new air conditioner really save me money?”

I’ll tell you the absolute truth, one that many advertisers and manufacturers avoid by skirting the issue and focusing only on long-term savings.

A new air conditioner will definitely save you money. Absolutely. Undoubtedly. Based on proven research. . . but only after you make an initial investment on new equipment.

It’s sort of like coming home from a huge “back-to-school” shopping spree. You may have saved $216 dollars with coupons and special offers, but you still had to spend $637 to get your kids ready for school. You needed to do it. You feel good that everyone has what they need to succeed, but still, it cost you.

It's like that with your air conditioner. A new unit will offer you big, long-term savings and lots of benefits, but first, you must take the plunge and invest in an updated system.

Here’s where your investment will pay off in the long run.

The monthly cost of utilities

We humans spend more than $11 BILLION per year on air conditioning costs.

A recent study from June of 2022 found that if you live in the Orlando, Florida area, you will pay approximately $67,100 in electric bills over the next 25 years.

Wow. That’s a lot of money! That figure is based on the average monthly electric bill of households in our area being $224 dollars. (Calculated by taking the 1522 kilowatt hours that most families use per month and multiplying that amount by the cost per kilowatt hour of fifteen cents.)

Here’s GREAT news.

Once you’re replaced your old air conditioner with a newer, more efficient model, you can save between 20-40% of your cooling costs. That, too, is a lot of money! In Florida, we run our air conditioners most of the year, so saving continually, month after month, adds up, allowing you to recoup your investment much more quickly than you might have imagined.

The first thing to consider: Age

How old is your air conditioner? Age is an important factor in the decision of whether to invest in a newer system. If your air conditioner is ten years old or older, you will want to consider a new unit for these reasons:

  • Most units in Florida have a lifespan of 10-12 years.
  • Even with routine maintenance, most units have a lifespan of 14 years.
  • As equipment ages, repairs cost more.
  • The older the unit, the less efficient it is, using more electricity and costing you more.

Consider this. An older system might use 6 kilowatts per hour to cool an average-sized house. A new, energy-efficient system might use less than 2 kilowatts per hour. That means your electricity bill for running your air conditioner goes down significantly, possibly by 66%.

The second thing to consider: SEER

What’s the SEER rating of your current system?

A SEER rating is the “Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating” which tells you how much energy and money your unit will consume over a year. Think of it like a “miles per gallon” rating for your car. A SEER does the same thing, only with your air conditioner.

As the world has become more aware of the need to conserve energy, SEER ratings have changed over the years. It used to be that all units required only a rating of 10, but over the years, the minimum efficiency ratings have been raised.

This year, the minimum SEER rating for installations in Florida is 15. Models now range from 13-26 SEER ratings. The higher the SEER rating, the more the original unit will cost. But the important flipside of higher SEER unit cost that is that you’ll save more money each month, year after year for a decade or more! says that a unit with a SEER rating of 19, will save 48% monthly on your electricity use. Jump up to a SEER rating of 25, and you’ll save 58% monthly!

That’s not chump change.

Here’s why a new air conditioner makes sense


A new system will be more energy efficient, with a higher SEER rating than your old system. You’ll gain significant savings on your utility bills. You won’t have large repair bills looming over you like you will with a worn-out unit.

Quieter units:

Progress is a wonderful thing. In recent years in the HVAC industry, compressor and condenser technology has improved. Even the fan blades have been redesigned and re-engineered. These developments mean that units are quieter than ever before.

In the past, the decibel level of most systems ranged from 78-82. Now, the amount of noise they make while running can run as low as 37 decibels. This means that you can sit outside near the compressor while it’s running and still carry on a conversation!

Less impact on the environment

Older systems used a refrigerant called R22. Again, as our country has become more aware of the effect of chemicals on our environment, regulations have changed. R22 is being phased out because it depletes the ozone level. Then there was R410A, which will be phased out in 2023.

The newest refrigerant will be R-32.

What’s the advantage of this new refrigerant?

R-32 decreases the global warming potential of R410A by two-thirds.

Your new air conditioner will be helping the world!

The absolute truth

I’m not going to evade, lie, or stretch the truth. New, energy-efficient, safe, quiet systems cost. They are not cheap. But they offer a healthy, safe, comfortable home environment for your family year-round - and the value of that is priceless.

The absolute truth is that you have to pay upfront to get the best system possible to fit your needs and your budget.

But here’s the good news: (Do you ever notice how much I like giving you good news as often as possible?)

  • Until September 30th, 2022, ServiceOne is offering a $500 OFF “Big Deal” on the installation of a new air conditioning system.
  • We also offer a rebate on Daikin systems up to $1,400 - which CAN be used in conjunction with our $500 Big Deal special! 
  • 0% financing, or low-interest rate financing on qualifying systems up to 18 months, with approved credit. 
  • Our salesman can help you check for rebates or special offers available from other places. 
  • ServiceOne offers state-of-the-art equipment for every lifestyle and every budget, and we’ll work diligently to find what works for you.
  • We offer a variety of financing options because ServiceOne knows that a new air conditioner is a big investment and not something that most people can pay directly out of pocket. We’ve got you covered! 

Call us. We will tell you the absolute truth about the cost of a new air conditioning system that fits your needs. Then we’ll help you find the best price possible and help you save money month after month, year after year with a quick, professional installation.


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