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Five Powerful Reasons Why You Should Use Your Ceiling Fans Now!

open concept room with ceiling  fan

open concept room with ceiling fan

There are lots of reasons to use your ceiling fans now more than ever.

The summer of 2023 has definitely been a HOT one!

When the heat index is over a hundred degrees, your air conditioner struggles to keep your home cool enough. No matter how big or new it is, your air conditioner can only keep your home’s temperature between 18 and 22 degrees cooler than the outside air. That means when it’s 100 degrees, your air conditioner can maintain a temperature of 78-82 degrees.

You can, however, stay cooler when you use your ceiling fans.

You might wonder how a simple ceiling fan can really add that much to your sophisticated air conditioning system, but you’d be surprised how effective using your ceiling fan in conjunction with your air conditioner can be.

Here are five powerful reasons why you should:

ONE: Raise your thermostat and not notice the difference! 

A simple flick of a switch or a tug on a chain can add to your air conditioner’s power to cool you down.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, using ceiling fans to complement air conditioning can allow you to raise the thermostat by 4°F with no reduction in comfort.

Four degrees make a huge difference in your energy expenditure and make you feel cooler while costing you less.

In addition, ceiling fans help circulate and mix the air in a room. Once the air gets into the room, it tends to stratify, meaning that warmer air rises to the top while cooler air sinks to the bottom. Ceiling fans disrupt this stratification by gently pushing the air downwards and towards the walls, creating a more uniform temperature distribution in the room. This is particularly beneficial in rooms with high ceilings.

When it’s cooler, ceiling fans can also help circulate warmer air by setting them to turn clockwise. When the warmer air rises, the ceiling fans can push it downward. Even in Florida, we get cool weather in the winter. Inside temperatures improve with the circulation of warm air by your ceiling fans.

TWO: Save money

Ceiling fans consume significantly less energy compared to air conditioning units. On average, a ceiling fan uses around 15-90 watts of energy, while an air conditioner can use up to 3,500 watts.

Using ceiling fans in conjunction with air conditioning will save you money. The Department of Energy estimates that homeowners can save up to 30% on cooling costs by using ceiling fans.

THREE: Extend the life of your air conditioner

No doubt about it, your HVAC system is one of the most important and expensive systems in your home. No one wants to have to replace it, so extending its lifespan is a huge benefit.

Using your ceiling fan creates a wind chill effect by moving the air around your body. Even if the air temperature remains the same, the movement of air across your skin helps your skin evaporate perspiration, making you feel cooler. This allows you to set your air conditioner's thermostat a few degrees higher without sacrificing comfort, saving energy, reducing electricity costs, AND reducing the workload on your air conditioner.

The less it must work, the longer it will last.

FOUR: Lower your carbon footprint

Ceiling fans contribute to a smaller carbon footprint due to their lower energy consumption. A reduction in energy usage directly translates to reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

You will benefit from lower energy bills, but you’ll also be helping reduce the fuel consumption that is causing the world’s global warming.

FIVE: Pack an aesthetic punch

If you add ceiling fans to your décor or update existing ones, you will not only be increasing your home’s energy efficiency and comfort capacity, but you’ll be also packing an aesthetic punch.

Today’s ceiling fans have come a long way since they were invented in 1882 by a guy who worked for the Singer Sewing Machine Company. Phillip Diehl took a sewing machine motor and redesigned it to run an electric fan mounted in the ceiling. Then he decided to add lights to it.

For the last hundred and forty years, savvy homeowners have invested in ceiling fans.

Today the global ceiling fan market is expected to grow steadily over the coming years due to increasing awareness of energy-efficient cooling solutions.

There has never been a better selection of ceiling fans. You can choose from different colors, different sizes, and different materials. From one-bladed designs to five-bladed models, a homeowner can have fans inside their home as well as on outside porches and patios, creating functional, beautiful, comfortable spaces.

ServiceOne Air Conditioning and Plumbing Keeps You Cool

We are an air conditioning company, not a ceiling fan company, so we don’t sell or install those. However, we do understand the many ways that you can benefit from them. Our job is to keep you cool, so we’re happy to pass along the info.

Call us with any questions you have. We can provide you with maintenance, repair, or replacement of your equipment and put you in your comfort zone!


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