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Why a "Mini-Split" System is the Perfect Solution for Your Home: 4 Reasons

couple happy under a mini-split

happy couple under a mini-split

Why a Mini-Split is the perfect solution for your home: 4 reasons

Here in America, we take our comfort very seriously.

When it comes to air conditioning, the United States of America is one of the "coolest" countries in the world. Ninety percent of American homes have air conditioning, a percentage that ranks second in the world. Japan has only a slight edge on us, with 91% of its households containing air conditioners, making it the top country in the world for keeping people cool.

Being “cool” is definitely important to us!

If staying comfortable matters to you, you should definitely consider a mini-split unit.

A mini-split is simply a term for a ductless air conditioner. It got its name because it is a small, “miniature” heating and cooling unit that is “split” into two definite parts. First, you’ve got the inside air handler, a unit that can be mounted on the wall. Second, you’ve got the outside air condenser.

Mini-splits are increasingly popular. Here are four reasons why they may be the perfect solution for your home.

ONE: Mini-splits are more energy efficient than other systems

Mini-splits have higher SEER ratings than central air or heat pumps. (A SEER rating is a seasonal efficiency energy ratio. It’s the measurement of how much energy a unit uses to bring air to the desired temperature.) The higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit is.

Mini-splits are more efficient than other types of air conditioners. The average SEER rating of most central air conditioning systems in the United States is 16, but higher energy efficiency models have SEER ratings of 23.

The highest SEER ratings in the industry go to top-of-the-line mini-split systems that rate all the way up to an incredible SEER of 30!

(For each increase of a SEER number, you’ll save 7% of your utility bill, so going up to a high SEER rating will save you big bucks!)

The energy efficiency of mini-splits is achieved because ductwork is eliminated. Ductwork is large and can have leaks around where the duct is inserted into the shaft. Mini-splits push the air through pipes instead of ducts which decreases the leakage of air.

The minimum SEER ratings were updated on January 1, 2023. For everything you need to know about the updated ratings, click here.

TWO: Mini-splits are easier to install than other systems

Central air systems need ductwork. Placing long ducts between attic joists and routing them to vents in each room’s ceiling is labor intensive. The more labor that’s needed to do the installation, the longer it takes to install the system.

Because mini-split systems don’t require ductwork, they don’t require extensive remodeling work. Consequently, they’re much easier and quicker to install than central air.

THREE: Mini-splits are extremely versatile

The beauty of a mini-split system is its versatility and zoning capabilities.

  • Each room or area that has a mini-split installed is controlled by its own thermometer. (It doesn’t matter if one person is in a room and wants it as hot as blue blazes and one person in another room wants it as cold as a meat locker, both can be accommodated.)
  • If a room isn’t being used, it doesn’t have to be heated or cooled.
  • The mini-splits don’t have to be close to the outside condenser because lines can be run up to 50 feet away, providing lots of flexibility in the placement of units.
  • Up to FOUR individual room mini-splits can be connected to one outside unit.

FOUR: Mini-splits provide superior air quality

Think about this.

In central air conditioning systems, all the air is pushed through one single air filter, and most people don’t change that air filter often enough to keep it clean. (Honestly, how often do you change YOUR air filter?). When air is pushed through a dirty filter, it is more likely to pick up germs and allergens, increasing respiratory problems.

But in mini-split systems, each unit has its own filter and is cleaning the air for just one room, not an entire home, so the air quality is improved. Also, since mini-splits are ductless systems, air doesn’t travel through ducts that may be dusty or have mice droppings, so the air is cleaner.

Perfect solution for your home and your wallet!

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