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Blogs from January, 2023

man doing push ups in kitchen with baby on his back

man doing push ups in the kitchen with a baby on his back

Why Everyone Hopes to Get FIT - Daikin FIT - This Year! 

Did you know that 95% of New Year’s Resolutions are fitness related? In fact, of the people who admit to making a resolution, one-third of them wanted to get fit by exercising more, eating healthier, and losing weight. All those fitness resolutions explain why more gym memberships are sold in January than in any other month of the year.  

But you may know that by March, visits to the gym shrink back down to before the-New-Year’s-Resolutions-level because, as the saying goes,    

“The spirit may be willing, but the flesh is weak!” 

It’s a good thing that the “getting fit” we’re talking about has nothing to do with pumping weights, running on treadmills, and sweating it out!  

We’re talking about getting FIT with a Daikin FIT system for your home.  

Everyone hopes to get FIT - Daikin FIT - this year because it is the most advanced, efficient, affordable, compact, high-quality air conditioner you could want.  

Advanced Daikin inverter technology 

Daikin FIT systems have advanced inverter technology.  

So what does that REALLY mean?  

Think of it like this.  

You want to have a very romantic dinner for your partner. Instead of the overhead light blazing down on you like white fire, you use a dimmer switch to lower the light for a softer, gentler ambiance. The dimmer switch cuts back on the amount of electricity and modulates the light levels.   

Inverter technology is similar. It is a technology developed in 1980 that modulates the amount of electrical current going into the air compressor’s motor, allowing it to use the minimum of what it needs to function instead of the maximum.  

Because a variable speed inverter constantly monitors the amount of energy needed by the condenser, your air conditioner gets exactly what it needs at the moment. No more and no less. Your air conditioner doesn’t have to kick on and off. Instead, it runs continually at a slow speed and keeps the temperature of the room consistent.  

Inverter technology equals energy efficiency and lower power bills  

Daikin FIT systems are super energy efficient  

Your refrigerator draws 7.5 amps of electrical power.  

Your dishwasher draws 5 amps.  

A traditional central air conditioner runs between 17-60 amps, depending on the size, age, and quality of the system.  

Get this.  

A four-ton Daikin FIT system can draw as little as 4 amps, even lower than window air conditioning units, and less than your basic kitchen appliances!  

Every amp of power you use costs money, so significantly reducing your amperage use is going to significantly reduce your power bills.  

Lean, mean, fighting machine! 

Not only is a Daikin FIT system an advanced, efficient solution for your home, but it is named “FIT” for a reason.  

The Daikin FIT machine is a “lean, mean, fighting machine!” It is trim and sleek. In fact, you could fit THREE Daikin FIT units into the space it would take to put one average square unit. Because it’s so compact, it is perfect for very narrow side yards, small patios, or rooftop mounts.  

Its slim figure and easy-to-place shape are a good FIT anywhere you need it.  

Getting FIT and healthy is easier with Daikin FIT 

You know how heavy and humid the air in Central Florida can be, don’t you?  

A Daikin FIT improves the air quality in your home. Because it runs constantly, it pulls more humidity out of the air than other systems that shut on and off.  

Not only does it decrease humidity levels, but Daikin’s FIT system circulates all the time. This means that air is constantly pushed through filters. The more filtered your air, the fewer germs and irritants escape into the air. The air you breathe will be cleaner, and you’ll be healthier.   

Getting FIT doesn’t hurt your wallet!  

Many companies boast of inverter technology, but they often boast big price tags, too.   

A Daikin FIT system is priced to FIT your budget, and it will pay for itself faster than other units because of the money you save on your utility bills.  

NOW through March 31, 2023, you’ll have a FIT over the deal on a Daikin FIT system!  

  • 18 months interest-free financing  

  • System rebates up to $1250  

  • An additional $550 rebate on the FIT system  

A Daikin FIT system definitely FITS the bill!  

Call ServiceOne Air Conditioning & Plumbing, and we’ll give you a free quote, demonstrating how getting FIT will be the best thing you’ll do this year.  


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