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Blogs from January, 2022

Two Things You Want - and Need - to Keep Your Air Clean

blue uv light tubes

The importance of clean air:

In the 1970’s, scientists were just beginning to understand the problems of air pollution and how it affected our respiratory systems, our cognitive power, and our emotional well-being. They were able to prove that high levels of “particulates,” those little pieces of carbon, dust, and grime that result from road traffic and dirty air, can drastically affect your health.

The research on air pollution and smog that was done in the 1970’s resulted in actions that improved the outside air quality. Air pollution decreased. Carbon emissions were lowered. Things got better. We could breathe easier than before.

But here’s the thing.

We’re now learning that INSIDE air quality is just as important as OUTSIDE air quality.

You REALLY need to see this video that ran on the news explaining the effectiveness of the REME air-filtration system.

Clean air is safe air

In the last few years, we’ve learned more than ever about the importance of keeping your air clean INSIDE. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency has listed indoor air quality as one of the “top five environmental risks to public health.”

Much of our awareness has been due to COVID. Scientists began to find that people who sit in offices and breathe in each other’s air are more likely to get sick. One study showed that just one person infected with COVID made 94 others sick. They all worked in close proximity to each other on the same side of an office building.

Experts even suggest that before accepting a job offer, applicants ask about what their company is doing to keep the air clean filter the inside air and keep their employees safe.

Businesses and homeowners are now opting to focus on the quality of their indoor air, and all it takes is an affordable, easy-to-install air-filtration system that includes two simple things: ultraviolet light and hydrogen peroxide.

Ultraviolet light

Many hospitals and schools have implemented systems using ultraviolet light to kill germs, including the COVID virus.

Ultraviolet light basically is a type of low-level radiation. It’s stronger than radio waves but not as potent as x-rays. It definitely kills all kinds of germs, both in liquids and on surfaces. It works by killing the acids and the proteins nuclei of germs, rendering them incapable of functioning and reproducing.

The Power of Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a known killer of germs. It’s totally safe, odorless, and non-toxic. For years, people have used peroxide on wounds and surfaces to clean and disinfect.

In fact, if you spritz the air very lightly with hydrogen peroxide, you’ll kill bacteria and viruses.

But there are way more efficient ways to keep your air clean with these two simple ingredients.

Invest in an Air Filtration System:

The two things you’ll want – and need – to keep your air clean are integrated into modern air filtration systems.

The BluTube UV system is a tubular device that is inserted into your air conditioning system and uses continuous light to kill germs in your indoor air.

REME Halo System continuously mists hydrogen peroxide into the air, destroying viruses and bacteria in the air you breathe. You aren’t relying on a filter to catch the germs. You’re killing them before they get circulated.

REME Halo LED System uses both light and hydrogen peroxide to make your indoor air quality the best it can be!

These systems are low-maintenance and low-cost, well worth a nominal long-term investment to improve the health and well-being of you and your family.

Special Bonus Now When You Need It Most….

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