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Blogs from March, 2022

Billy Gouty & Yasmine

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This is a true, personal story about the very real, very caring family behind ServiceOne.

A Fairy Tale Turned True

Once upon a time, a father, a mother, a son, and a daughter lived near a magical Southern kingdom. The father worked hard every day taking care of the people in the surrounding villages, keeping their air cool and their water running.

In a Northern land far, far away, a little girl lived with her grandparents in the quiet, Midwestern countryside. Her grandparents loved her and took care of her, but they worked a lot and had no children her age, so when the girl was invited by her relatives in the South to come for a vacation, she was thrilled.

A Vacation Becomes a Life

The little girl fit in perfectly with her southern family. At the end of that summer vacation, the girl was invited to be a permanent part of their lives. Cousins and kin became brothers, sisters, and parents, and together they had adventures: traveling, working, playing, fighting, laughing, and crying, like all families.

Life was good.

Years passed.

The Family Feels the Joy

The little girl grew up and fell in love with a handsome young knight, and the family rejoiced. Even the weather cooperated as people from near and far celebrated their wedding on a sunny, late-February day by the water.

That night, on a breezy beach, a father and a daughter danced, happy to have become part of each other’s lives. The family hugged and smiled, knowing how much they meant to each other, grateful to be at this happy juncture of their lives.

The Happily Ever After

And all the people cheered, sending the couple out into the world to light the lives of others with their love and laughter.

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