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Blogs from March, 2022

A man adjusting the temperature on a wall thermostat

The Right Temperature for Comfortable Sleep

Have you ever considered how many tools we have to regulate our sleeping temperature? We have our pajamas, which can be all sorts of materials, sizes, and thicknesses. Then we have our blanket(s), which can also vary widely. We may have humidifiers, a small fan, a temperature-controlled mattress, and more.

On top of all of this, we have our home’s HVAC system. Your thermostat can help set the ideal temperature for sleeping, so you can ensure that your zzzs help you prepare for the following day. Here’s how to get the ideal temperature for your nightly slumber.

Why Does it Matter?

Although different experts recommend different temperatures, the generally agreed-upon range is around 60 to 67 degrees. This allows your body to naturally adjust the temperature during the night, as it helps you gain more rest. In fact, the right temperature helps you get the rest you need by avoiding frequent waking. Waking up disrupts your REM cycle and prevents the deep sleep you need in order to recharge.

While comfort is subjective, it makes sense that the wrong temperature could impact your sleep. If you’re uncomfortable getting into bed at night, going to sleep won’t suddenly change anything. Your comfort level will continue to be an issue and your body will respond accordingly by failing to remain at rest.

Finding the Right Temperature

The right temperature can be found through a few tests. First, if you’re always uncomfortable at night, try moving your temperature into the recommended range, despite what is going on outside. Your thermostat will help keep the temperature stable and therefore keep your slumber intact. Try each end of the recommended range and see if one was more comfortable for you.

Nighttime is when a smart thermostat really comes in handy. You can program the device to reach the desired temperature at your usual bedtime, so you can be comfortable when you enter your bed at night.

Your Comfort is Our Priority

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